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A tag I always wanted is mine!
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Bear Track 08-Aug-16
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Bucksnort32 05-Sep-16
From: Bear Track

Bear Track's Link
Holy smokes! I made a mistake when submitting my application for archery moose on the Manitoba/Saskatchewan border and thought I was submitting for 1 moose tag for my wife Jeannine and I and today we get 2 tags of the very few out there delivered to our mailbox! I heard from my taxidermy customers that they saw moose every day and more moose than deer last year during deer season. What are the chances I shoot an elk in Colorado at the end of this month and a moose out there. Better be ready to by another freezer Jeannine says!

From: APauls
Yes that would be a coveted tag!!! Good luck. There are lots of moose there for sure. Spent a day out there and could have shot one if I had had a tag...

From: t-roy
Good luck on all the tags!

Hopefully your chiropractor doesn't live too far from ya!

From: LINK
Congrats, I hope you plan on taking friends to help pack all that moose.

From: Bear Track
In that country, I should be able to drive an atv right up to it where ever it takes a nap. I haven't shot a bull with my bow for years. This will be fun.

From: Scoot
Awesome- congrats! Take lots of pics and share with us!

From: GhostBird
Congratulations Ron & Jeannine. Might ought to pick up a couple new freezers.

From: drycreek
Congrats !

From: Brotsky
Wow! Congratulations Ron and Jeannine! Sounds like everyone will be eating moose next spring in bear camp! Best of luck to you guys and make sure to share lots of pictures on Bowsite of your hunt!

From: Ken Taylor

I have friends and relatives on the Saskatchewan side and they see moose just about every day.

From: Buffalo1
You must be living right Bear Track. Take advantage of the cherished opportunity. Congrats !!

From: buckfevered
Congrats Ron. Elk hunting then moose hunting with your bride. You both will have an awesome time. Best of luck!

From: Rick M
Good luck Ron. Good problem to have!! If you run out of freezer space I should have room even if I punch my elk tag:)

From: Jaquomo
What a great surprise! Best of luck with the opportunities!

As a kid I dreamed of just one moose but after doing it I found one was not enough! Good luck! C

From: SteveB
Man, you better enjoy this ride while your luck is hot Ron! Congratulations!

From: dm/wolfskin
Heck of an animal to pack out. Need many friends. Good luck on both.

From: Bear Track
I don't think these moose we're going after will weigh much over 1,000lbs. After more than 35 of them, I know you don't try to save a trip out with a heavier than you should have load on your back. With age comes wisdom!

Congrats, make sure you have a 60 yard pin or even a 70. It's not like up north where the bulls come searching. They have lots of visibility available to them. You can still call them close, but why not have a 60 if that Booner won't come any closer?

From: Full_Curl
Best of luck Ron! Hope all your arrows find their mark. Enjoy the experiences.

From: Bucksnort32
Well you best post a picture of all that fun!!!

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