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From: coyote
Being from Indiana I don't have a lot of need for higher magnification when I hunt so my current binoculars are 10x. I'm going to Colorado in September for an archery antelope hunt and think I would be well served to obtain some bigger glass to scout.

I'm thinking 12x50 binoculars or a 20x60 spotting scope. Having no experience using a spotting scope I'm wondering whether binoculars or a spotting scope would be "better" ?

It's not likely I'll be using either for a ram, sheep, or mountain goat hunt. Nor for elk. There is a remote possibility I would do a mule deer hunt where long range glassing might happen.

So . . . . . . input or suggestions re: which to choose ?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks in advance

From: Bou'bound
are you blind hunting or spot and stalk

From: Elkhuntr
if you are looking to locate antelope or confirm what the naked eye is seeing, a quality 10x bino will be fine imo. if you are looking to field judge, I would go with the scope over 12x binos.

From: Trial153
Archery lope...don't over think Iit. Good quality 10x will be fine for most anything you will encounter for bowhunting lopes .

TO get some new optics that wont break the bank id look at the Vortex Diamond Back 12x50 binos. Just under $300 at most stores. Great glass and will be perfect back home in the whitetail woods. I use my 12x50 Razor HDs whitetail hunting all the time. Next I would look at either the Diamondback 20x60x60 spotter or the Viper HD 15-45x60 spotter. The diamondback is a great piece but the Viper HD will be a little nicer depending on what you want to spends. Another great tool would be the classifieds on Archery Talk to find some great optics at a lesser price. Hope this helps you out a bit.

From: climb.on
Keep in mind you will want a good tripod with 12x50 binoculars and of course with a 20x60 or 20x65 spotting scope. Well documented by others much smarter than me, that hand holding larger magnifications that 8x (and even some argue 10x) aren't going to serve you well. I was in a similar situation and similar hunting locations a couple years back and I decided on Vortex Viper 8x42's, and the next year I moved up to Swarovski 8x42 (just like everyone said I would). I did an Elk hunt a couple year back an so I also got a 50mm spotter and I didn't like it. So I moved up to a Vortex Razor 65mm spotting scope to go with my binos for a SD mule deer hunt last year. It's a real nice combo. I would like a 65mm swaro scope, but still haven't been able to drop the money for that little gem. I will go with this same setup for my Elk hunt this year. Buy the best you can afford - it will serve you better than higher power.

From: tradmt
Your current bino's will be fine for locating in most situations. If you really want to buy something I would add a spotting scope, you more than double the power and it makes it much easier to judge the antelope if need be.

The vortex stuff is pretty good IMO.

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