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DL 13-Aug-16
Scrappy 13-Aug-16
elmer@laptop 13-Aug-16
txhunter58 13-Aug-16
WV Mountaineer 13-Aug-16
wilhille 13-Aug-16
BOHNTR 13-Aug-16
milnrick 13-Aug-16
r-man 13-Aug-16
Surfbow 14-Aug-16
Topgun 30-06 14-Aug-16
LBshooter 14-Aug-16
Huntcell 14-Aug-16
AndyJ 14-Aug-16
Archerdan 14-Aug-16
txhunter58 14-Aug-16
deerman406 14-Aug-16
JLS 14-Aug-16
DC 16-Aug-16
APauls 16-Aug-16
Will 22-Aug-16
Brotsky 22-Aug-16
cjgregory 22-Aug-16
PECO 22-Aug-16
PECO 22-Aug-16
Blacktail Bob 22-Aug-16
From: DL

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Ideal situation obviously but very cool.

From: Scrappy
That would be awesome. Reminds me of a video I saw once where a guy done that a bunch of times.

From: elmer@laptop
Sorry, but that is wildlife harassment. If someone turns him in it will end up being expensive!

From: txhunter58
I don't see the harassment. Snuck up on him and spooked him. No different to the buck than if he had simply walked up to him and the buck didn't see him until the last minute. If he had grabbed and held on, different story, but I would put my money on the buck

Come on Elmer!!!!!!!!!!! That's just a guy having fun.

That was cool. God Bless

From: wilhille
What's the deal with everyone trying to find some reason to get another person in trouble? Good grief. The fact that it can even be interpreted to some as harassment is enough to make me wanna puke. I mean why even bring it up? Cool video.

It's not wildlife harassment.......

From: milnrick
Brings meaning to "catch and release"

From: r-man
cool. he's just playing with his food

From: Surfbow
Would have been really funny if the buck jumped up and stomped him!

From: Topgun 30-06
From: elmer@laptop Date: 13-Aug-16 Sorry, but that is wildlife harassment. If someone turns him in it will end up being expensive!

Do you hunt or are you a PETA member, LOL?!!!

From: LBshooter
That's one dumb deer, won't be around long with survival skills like that.

From: Huntcell
If you kill it it's ok, but if it runs away it's harrasement, wow the courts will be jammed with cases this fall.

From: AndyJ
I bet that buck learned a lot. Choose a bedding area better.

From: Archerdan
Harassement----no way. For anyone to believe that is absolutely ridiculous. What's get fined for catching frogs?

From: txhunter58
It sure is easy to click isn't it. I disagreed with the guy, but I stopped calling people douche bags when I grew up. No reason for that.

From: deerman406
Agree not harassment at all. My father once crawled up on a bedded doe in a raging snow storm and petted her. Ran his hand from the base of her neck to her rump. She stood up and stretched and then looked and about turned inside out. No harassment at all just getting close to nature. Shawn

From: JLS
That deer is a HEAVY sleeper for sure.

From: DC
I tried harassing I mean sneaking up on a buck unnoticed once to try and touch it while bedding. I got close enough to get dirt kicked in my face but did not get the touch. Maybe next time if I ever see the opportunity again.

Before that day was a different story: I was walking and talking with my dad through a briar patch when we noticed a spike buck laying flat on the ground with it's ears lowered back like it was trying to hide from us. For some crazy reason I started to sneak and my dad laughs at me saying the deer see's you stupid. He was telling the truth. Anyway I got to within a couple of feet of the deer when it jumped up to run and I instinctively tackled it. We tore that briar patch up before I got the upper hand on him and broke it's neck. Dad still laughs to this day about that.

From: APauls
LOL ya I thought that was cool. Got it on video too, so when he tells his buddies he can back up his story!

txhunter58 x2

From: Will
Outstanding job of stalking. Should be some kind of trophy for this.

From: Brotsky
Good thing he didn't hit him with a spear from that range....

From: cjgregory
Harassment would be chasing them with a plane or motorized vehicle which was what the law was intended to address.

I guess maybe if he jumped on his back to ride him it could be considered harassment. Maybe.

From: PECO
Harassment no, molestation maybe.

From: PECO
Great video.

I don't think the buck will suffer long-term harassment issues, he might be a bit embarrassed among his buddies but I think he'll get over it.

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