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Wading boots
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From: caribou77
Anyone used wading shoes and either neoprene socks or hippies rather than a knee high rubber boot? Just curious of your thoughts. I've always worn knee high rubber boots and then switched to cabelas tundra boot that has waders. Love that combo but they are getting worn out and appear to be no longer made.

You might look at a pair of Wigiges Waders. They weigh less than a pound and can be put on over your boots if you need them.

Other than that, Chota makes some Kayak boots that I have used. They are lightweight and work nicely.

Good luck.



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These might work for ya-------->

Good luck, Robb

From: Bou'bound
Wiggies has a very specific and limited use.

Put on one side of a waterway that is no deepr than mid thigh and take off immediately on the other side.

They work in the water, but re not durable for any walking out of water. The soles will leak as they are thin and eaily cut.

From: Brun
I spend most of the summer in wading boots with neoprene socks. This is called wet wading so obviously it won't keep you dry. The neoprene socks work like a wetsuit to keep your feet warmer, but it's not meant to be waterproof. Not sure if this is what you want for your application.

From: Dwitt2n
...I've used the knee high Neos Overboot and liked them. You can pack them and have been tough enough to walk the shoreline fishing as well. I'll be using them this year as well. No issues or complaints with them.

From: caribou77

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This is what I was thinking and a wading boot. Cant imagine the neoprene to not be waterproof. Would be kinda pointless as a hip wader then.

From: Mertyman
The Neos that Robb linked are what my buddy used last year in AK for 7 days and swore by them.

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