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Late Summer Bowfishing - WEEDS *(^#$%$#*
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HerdManager 18-Aug-16
LBshooter 18-Aug-16
QQ Archery 19-Aug-16
From: HerdManager
We bowfish lakes in western / northwestern PA. The weeds are SO friggin grown in that it makes bowfishing impossible. One big bay at Pymatuning that is about 8' deep has weeds up to the surface. I've never seen weed growth like this before.

Any suggestions? We never shoot streams, but it may be our only option?

From: LBshooter
Grappling hook or anything that can grab on to weeds down low and a big motor . Make some holes, clear cut if you will or get some of those chemicals that will kill off the weeds, not sure how legal that it. Otherwise hit the streams and canals until the weeds die out.

From: QQ Archery

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we use a anchor and long line ,drift in and pull out usually the out is better than the in as we make a pretty good open strip ,our lakes just bloomed and weeds are all done but so was the shooting ,enjoy it while it last .

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