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Rain Gear for Newfoundland
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From: jmail20
Heading for my first trip to Newfoundland the end of September. Its a fly in hunt so I am limited on space and weight. I own 2 sets of rain gear, Cabelas new space rain which is very light weight & packable. I also have a set of Helly Hanson Impertech II. I keep hearing stories of how bad the "tuckamor" is. My question is will lightweight packable rain gear stand up in NF or do I need to bring the heavier duty Helly Hanson? Any advise from someone that's been there would be greatly appreciated.

From: bb
I would bring the lughtweight. You should be OK. If you're regularly walking through Tuckamore and catching your've got to stop doing that.

From: safari
light weight rain gear all the way

From: kota-man
I'm in the Helly Hanson camp on this one. In a place like Newfoundland (I've been there 6 times), I would want something I can live in and won't "wet out". While I'm a fan of space rain for "in the pack" for intermittent rain, it is not rain gear I would want to wear day in and day out in the rain. IMO Space Rain will saturate out in a climate like Newfoundland.

AK and Newfoundland demand quality rain gear. Helly Hanson will get the job done.

From: bb
I should qualify my statement, I don't know what space rain is, I imagined it was a waterproof material, but if it's like a goretex type material, don't bring it. but still choose the lightest you can find that isn't a membrane. I have a very thin lightweight stretchy polyurethane that keeps me absolutely dry, I have been wearing it up there for over 20 something years and it holds up great. Its really thin but it's absolutely waterproof. I wear wool under it so the moisture wicks away from my skin. If you are wearing waterproof rain gear that is truly waterproof, you will get wet from condensation. wear merino wool under it, NOT fleece.


Charlie Rehor's embedded Photo
Charlie Rehor's embedded Photo
I've benn there when it absolutely poured rain all day, every day of my 6 day hunt and I've been there when it never rained a drop all week. I'm taking the real rain gear. Sitka Downpour would be just fine! Good luck and have a great hunt! C

Morning on the Rock!

From: Sage Buffalo

Sage Buffalo's Link
I would bring both if you can - the terrain is so different from one mile to the next.

Here's a video of my rifle hunt which has a lot of video from the helicopter. You can see how the terrain changes.

From: jmail20
Sage, nice video. I see what you mean about the varied terrain. Thanks to everyone for their input. I think I will be sucking up the little bit of extra weight and bringing both sets of rain gear.

I took kuiu last year worked great

From: CurveBow
Yes, the tuckmore sucks! On my gun hunt last fall, we 3 hunters donned raingear a few times for rain/snow, plus as a layer with the high winds. While we 3 hunters had Sitka, the guides wore seemingly cheap solid green bibs that were bulky when folded up and raincoats that were the same. They preferred the same stuff that commercial fishermen use but I don't recall the name of it.


From: bb
Usually Helly Hansen. When they aren't guiding for Moose in their off season, most are commercial fishermen.

From: Tracker
Grundens is what a lot of guides wear.

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