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Anyone try a ghillie suit
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coyote 22-Aug-16
Coyote 65 22-Aug-16
From: coyote
I still have my ghillie suit from sniper school. I realize that prognhorn inhabit flat open spaces - at least where I've chased them in South Dakota and Montana. Now I'm headed to Colorado and believe the terrain is the same. I've been on three previous archery pronghorn hunts before - all successful hunts utilizing a ground blind.

I did briefly try to do a spot and stalk on one of my hunts - without getting anywhere close. Up till now I've never thought to consider using the ghillie suit and trying to make a stalk. The lopes I've been around don't seem to stay in one place very long. If I was patient enough anyone think it's possible to stalk them using a ghillie suit ? I've actually used it on a couple of successful stalks while hunting predators (coyotes). Thinking it might be a real blast.

Thanks in advance

Noel Kendall

From: Coyote 65
I have tried a hands and knees stalk (in plain sight) on a held of cow elk. Was able to get within 40 yds. just by zigzagging back and forth and never directly at them. Was in camo, no gille suit. Ended up behind a small juniper. Could have made a shot from my knees. Stood up and the elk jumped out of skin trying to get out of there.


PS. Bull tag, with no bulls in sight, and it was just done to see what the elks reaction would be.

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