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Best Bighorn Sheep Book?
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Vids 23-Aug-16
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Vids 24-Aug-16
From: Vids
I have the opportunity to go on a last minute ewe hunt in Colorado. Someone turned in a tag and I was next on the list. Unfortunately, I have 3 weeks to prepare and I've never sheep hunted before! (I have done a mountain goat hunt though)

I'm looking to buy a book on bighorn sheep hunting to do some cram session studying, any advice on the best book to read? Thanks!

From: Kurt
Vids, the Rocky Mt Bighorn Sheep Society published a bighorn hunting book (notebook type) a long time ago. The author was a fellow named Nelson......... forgot his first name who was very active in the club. I think he lived in Genesee or Evergreen area at that time. See if a club member has and will will loan you the book, and join the organization of you aren't already a member. They had a decent banquet and auction when I lived in CO in the 80s-2009. Also talk to the conservative officer/biologist for the area/unit you will be hunting. Get the data from previous hunts on where sheep were taken as well.

Good luck and take one home! Kurt

Also go to the sheep forum and read as many as you like! Good luck! C

From: TXHunter
"Sheep and Sheep Hunting" - Jack O'Connor "Sheep Hunting in Alaska" Tony Russ (Dalls, not bighorns, but by and large the same principles will apply).

There are many more but those two are a good place to start.

From: Medicinemann
What unit?

From: Vids
S33 North side

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