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wyoming antelope rattlers
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jims 23-Aug-16
drycreek 23-Aug-16
Bob H in NH 24-Aug-16
Matt Palmquist 24-Aug-16
Ziek 24-Aug-16
From: jims
Anyone notice there is a pile of rattlers in Wyo this year? Beware if you head out in the prairie! A buddy of mine had 2 slither into his of which he killed with a broadhead! I almost got bit twice by rattlers at 2 other locations and I didn't spend much time out of the truck!

From: drycreek
Whoa ! This is news I don't need so close to my antelope hunt. Not to worry though, I have several days to forget it.

Seriously, I keep a good lookout for old no-hips, especially early morning in the dark. I won't get in the blind until I look it over with a powerful light. Definitely something to think about with permanent blinds !

From: Bob H in NH
Heading to WY first week of Oct, didn't know this was an issue, probably won't tell my wife, she would freak out, hates snakes.

I about stepped on 2 in less than a half an hour last week.

From: Ziek
Snake populations are highly variable, and localized. To say there are "a pile of rattlers in Wyo this year" is a gross generalization.

One rancher said there were a lot more snakes in Colorado this year. His ranch is within 10 miles of where we hunt within 5 miles of the Wyo. border. In two weeks of scouting, blind building, and hunting we saw one, which is how many we usually encounter. Friends hunting his ranch didn't see any. Besides, they are fairly docile and non-aggressive. If you pay attention, they're not a problem.

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