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Sitka /Kuiu gear for NF moose
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Martin Man 25-Aug-16
Sage Buffalo 25-Aug-16
bigeasygator 25-Aug-16
Elkaddict 25-Aug-16
Trial153 25-Aug-16
From: Martin Man
For moose hunting in NF in September what Sitka or Kuiu gear would you guys recommend?

From: Sage Buffalo
Man that's a tough one - when are you going?

I have gone early November and early October - both trips temps were 60/70+s with night temps in 40s.

What month and are you a fly-in or drive in?

From: bigeasygator
Great question Martin Man. I'll be there the first week in October on a fly-in hunt for my first trip. I own way too much Sitka, Kuiu, and First Lite and I'm trying to figure out what to bring. I have an idea based on climate and terrain but would love to hear from folks that have been before.

For me, I'm leaning towards the following:

First Lite Kanabs, Sitka Mountain Pant, First Lite Allegheny bottoms (1 pair), First Lite Llano and Chama Shirts, Sitka Traverse hoody, A puffy jacket, Rain gear (either Kuiu Chugach or First Lite

Curious to hear some other opinions though!

From: Elkaddict
For sure I would pack either the Sitka Downpour set, or the Sitka Cloudburst.

90% Pant/90% Jacket or Jetstream Jacket would be a good non-rain combo.

From: Trial153
First week of October Sitka list for Newfoundland

Merino base top and bottom Mid weight core Traverse cold weather hoody Jet stream vest Jet stream jacket Mountain pants Ascent pants Kevin vest Dewpoint jacket and pants.

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