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HECS suit truth?
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From: Bucksnort32
My 11 year old son has been begging for this stuff, just wondering if theirs any truth to this magic they sell called HECS, thanks

From: patdel
You can do search and check out some previous threads on that stuff. Most guys are extremely best. There are a few guys who get bent out of shape because people are ripping on something they've never tried. Its the same every time.

Im in the gimmick camp myself. Id save my money if I were you.

From: tacklebox
Spend the money on some quality clothing like First Lite or Sitka... you'll be much happier

From: TXHunter
It's junk and marketing. P.T. Barnum at work.

Just like a lot of other stuff. That particular one just sticks out more than most.

From: JRW
And we're off....

From: Bucksnort32
Thanks guys, I'll show him the post and save me a dollar

From: tinecounter
Popcorn time!

From: Chief 419
I'll add my response from a previous thread...."It's been said that a fool and his money are easily parted".

This has to be the worst concept that anyone in the hunting industry has dreamed up. HECS does not have any magical powers. You still have to hunt the wind.

From: Purdue
A tinfoil hat or copper braclets are almost as good......almost.

From: Mt. man
Slinky is a marketing/gimmic master!


Here's my post from one of those HECS threads. Your son can talk to one of the science teachers at his school to verify the physics.

Posted: 26-Feb-15

I think that I can help a little bit. As a rough rule of thumb, a magnetic field will diminish as the inverse cube of the distance.

So, whatever the strength of your "magnetic" personality or the electromagnetic field generated by your body,(Which is pretty darn weak) at three feet, it would be 1/9th the original strength. At ten feet, it would be 1/1000th the strength. At 60 feet that's 1/216,000th.

Even fish with very sophisticated electro-receptors need to be within close proximity to sense the field generated by their pray.

Now, I am reaching pretty far back into my physics vault for that "rule of thumb" formula, but I'm pretty confident when I say that you don't have to worry about a cervid sensing your electromagnetic field at a distance.

But, I feel sneakier when I'm not super stinky though I know it's the wind that matters.

From: elkmtngear
Orionsbrother, it's hard to dispute solid physical science. Even though electromagnetic energy may not follow it... I always think "inverse square law"...double the distance, and lose 4 times the intensity. When you're starting with a minute amount of electromagnetic energy...and going out even ten are left with "a joke".

Personally, I think "smoke and mirrors"...but I know some very successful bowhunters that swear by it.

From: drycreek
I wear one to bed so my wife can't tell when I'm there. That way, she thinks the dog farted.

Thinking about a scentlock suit though............

From: ohiohunter
They work great when you double up on'm. 2 jackets 2 pants at the same time. Visit my website for the best prices ;)

From: moosenelson
Spend the money. Lol. I think skill and practice will carry him farther. Maybe pull the ole "if u shoot a nice buck, daddy will buy u some hecs" trick. He may realize that the suit may not be required.

I personally wont buy one till someone shows that cervids sense emf, what organ senses it and how far away they can sense it from. I know they cant sense me from 20+yds. I suspect they cant from 12+yds. After that its too late to draw my bow anyways.

From: Dyjack
I think the only application this "technology" has is in spear fishing where the fish sense the electricity more. Don't see it doing much for hunting outside of water.

Probably better of with 3-d camo leaf or predator or first lite

From: Woods Walker
Teach him first that all the camo in the world will not help you at all if you move and make noise. Have him learn to "see" things the way a deer sees them. Have him understand how to use cover and shadows as well as slight subtleties of the terrain. That will be of FAR more value to him as a hunter than all the camo in the world.

Getting fancy camo and then thinking it makes you a hunter is like simply putting on a helmet and pads makes you a football player.

From: PECO
I don't buy it. I have been too close (within 10') to too many animals, and I was excited. They did not "sense" my presence.

From: B4LITE
I did have a 10 pt buck lay down within 20 feet of my stand and had others come in totally relaxed but you do have to be down wind. I tried to open my car door with the keys in the pocket and the suit blocked the signal; had to take the keys out of the HECS suit and then it opened. We all have gadgets do they work or did the deer just show up because you did your scouting or dumb luck on your part. I'll wear it this year and let you know.

From: swampokie
All u have to do is drive up and show them the suit! They will kill and quarter themselves in no time flat! Great product!

From: MT in MO
I was spring turkey hunting and had a couple of does walk up on me once when I was sitting under a rock ledge. One got close enough to smell my boot. They never did spook, but acted a little nervous. Never really knew what I was. They wandered away after a little awhile. And people tell me I have a magnetic personality...8^)

From: coelker
To add to the science a little more. Trail cameras, movie cameras and even our range finders will register a slightly higher electromagnetic field than our bodies. In some cases a significantly higher field.

If is was an electromagnetic field issue that game cameras would alter habit etc.

From: Stickhead
I checked out a bow shop while on the road the other day. At first, they lost credibility with me when I saw a rack of HCES suits, and a rack of Toxic broadheads. Then I thought, well maybe not, maybe that is what the locals wanted. They also had a bunch of ASAT stuff which I am a fan of. I did have a great chat with the guy, it was not his shop. We did not discuss HCES or Toxic.

From: Glunt@work
What if it did work and it also made you invisible, scent free, movement free, sound free and miss free? The more challenging bowhunting is, the more rewarding bowhunting is. Its amazing how much money is spent trying to overcome the stuff that makes bowhunting so much fun. I suppose no harm since so much of it doesn't work, but we are sometimes self-defeating.

From: Thornton
For every scenario they say it worked, I can remember the exact scenario that happpened to me when I wasn't wearing one- because I will never wear one. I have had deer within spitting distance while I was sitting on the ground in the open and I was wearing Wal-Mart camo.

From: Bucksnort32
Well took Jr to cabalas and he got a some nice gear and a blind, new sent killer, $$$ well spent I feel , thanks guys

From: WapitiBob
I'd buy Hecs before I bought scent killer.

From: Ultrastealth
I decided to save money by just stripping naked in the field and rubbing myself down with a neodymium magnet from head to toe before walking to my stand. It makes it kind of tough getting out of my steel stand, which seems to have some weird affinity for me now.

From: Beendare
The truth; Those HECS suits attract lightning like crazy. You are 10,000 times more likely to get hit by lightning on a hunt wearing that stuff..

Ok crazy claim....about as crazy as the claims they make- grin....let them prove me wrong.....Ha!

From: Rick M
Free pack of Rage beoadheads with each Hecs purchase. Free x bow with every purchase over $1000.:)

It's a scam and if it did work I would not want to wear it. I feel guilty wearing camo and using a tree stand!

From: Stickhead
"Free pack of Rage broadheads wihe each HECS purchase" LOL

hecs suits work better if you spray them with nose jammer.

From: Deerhunter
Gentelmen, I can understand your sceptisism about those HECS, but none of you actualy proved it did not work, so do not say it. Something from physics tell me about a Faraday cage but I may be mistaken.

From: GF
“ The more challenging bowhunting is, the more rewarding bowhunting is. Its amazing how much money is spent trying to overcome the stuff that makes bowhunting so much fun.”

And there you have it.


We know that some sharks have a well-developed ability to pick up EMF signals to find prey, and we know what specific structures allow them to do it. Ampullae of Lorenzini, if memory serves.

These structures are not found in mammals.

So basically, you're talking about turning off the lights to make it harder for a blind man to find his way through a room, and claiming success when he trips over the dog.

The Skeptic in me wouldn’t buy it because I've heard no plausible explanation for how animals can detect these fields... The Sportsman in me would not buy it even/especially if there were hard proof of the effectiveness because why in the hell would you want anything that covers up all of your mistakes?

You’re not gonna learn SQUAT that way.

From: Kevin Dill
Our nonstop efforts to gain one more advantage over our quarry amaze me. Every TV huckster knows the strategy: Find or create a problem...magnify it...and SELL the easy fix. You don't need to get better as a hunter. You just need to spend money on things that (supposedly) pave the way to killing animals with greater ease. I doubt the HECS theory, but I don't doubt the willingness of some hunters to buy another hopeful shortcut....even if unproven.

From: Grey Ghost
Great post, Kevin Dill.

I've always felt the same way about trail cameras....just another shortcut to make killing animals easier. But I got railed on for expressing that opinion.

Now, I'm sure someone will mention that I use a compound bow, and an e-bike, so I'm being hypocritical about trail cameras....wait for it.


From: Scoot
Deerhunter, your use of the word "proved" is interesting. How can anything really be "proven"? Plenty of things we "proved" in the 40s, 50s, and 60s have been disproven. It's never been "proven" that jumping out of an airplane at 20K feet is hazardous to your health- no double blind, placebo controlled studies have addressed this issue. However, I don't advise it. So if you're looking for "proof", good luck. That goes for "proving" HECS works and it goes for "proving" it doesn't work.

If you want to spend your money on HECS, please feel free. Convincing a person he/she has been deceived is a lot tougher than actually deceiving him/her. HECS is hogwash, but if you want to justify what you have spent or what others have spent, it's no skin off my backside.

On a completely unrelated note, I have developed a product that makes you invisible to animals. It's my ENC (Emperor's New Clothes) line and it will retail for $900/article of clothing. In stores soon...

From: HighLife
Is it a onesie or does in come in a 2 pc ? And will you have big boy sizes?

From: Jethro
Whats more amazing than the Hecs technology is the fact that people feel so strongly about it that a 4 year old thread gets revitalized.

From: 12yards
LMAO Scoot!

From: BullBuster
I tried entire suit including head cover in a well hidden, infrequently used tree stand. You wouldn’t believe how fast a doe picked me off after barely moving. Worthless

From: Bowboy
C'mon guys John Dudley uses it, so it must work.:)

From: SIP
Why would someone think it hypocritical to rail against trail cameras and yet use an e-bike? That’d be absurd....oh wait

From: elkmtngear

From: Thornton
For every encounter they show of an animal ignoring a hunter who is wearing HECS, there are a hundred videos online of the same encounter while the hunter is NOT wearing HECS. It's a gimmick.

From: LBshooter
Electrical impulses are picked up by marine life do to their lateral lines. If your son is going to scuba dive then maybe get some. Not sure land animals have the same senses as marine animals. If you watch the HEC commercials, notice the direction of the wind by looking at the brush around the hunter. The bear comes in and he is up wind from the Hunter and the Hunter is still. I would not spend the money on the hecs suit. Tell your some you'll buy him some new camo or?

From: DL
I’ve never used it and like most others am very very x 10 skeptical. I do have a friend that has taken three a number of bucks and swears by it. I saw the racks when I was up there Three of them are from 160s to 190. One was from the ground at 20 yds I’m waiting for the cloak of invisibility to come out.

From: LBshooter
Was just flipping channels and saw HEC show in , so I figured I'd watch it and see what happens. a Hunter is in one of those big plastic box blinds, elevated, and down wind and a deer is shot as it walks by. They credit Hecs with the Hunter being able to kill the buck lol, please. Save your money and purchase some quality camo, teach your son how to hunt, little movement, downwind and he'll be on his way to getting critters.

From: GF
The only thing sillier than camo in a box blind.... has got to be Safety Orange in a box blind. LOL

I once shot a caribou at 3 yards. I just sat still and he walked right past me. Guess I must not have a "magnetic personality"! TMBB

From: greg simon
I killed an elk last year at 5 yards. However I was wearing KUIU. It has magic threads too, right?

5 Yards, come on.. The only way i'll believe that is if I taste some of that backstrap. I can send my address :)

Here's a golden opportunity to teach your son the value of a dollar and to make smart choices once it is earned. Give him a bunch of jobs around the house to do and make him earn his own money to buy his own Hecs suit. He learns how to be responsible and - maybe make a smart decision, or not.

I work way to hard for my money to spend it on such claims. No necessary.

From: Bowfreak

Hunter orange in a box blind may seem silly, but they are not wearing it for looks. It's the law during firearm seasons in pretty much every state east of the Mississippi.

From: GF
@Freak - I’m well aware of the requirement for it, but you may as well wear glow-in-the-dark underwear under your coveralls for all the good it'll do you to comply with the Orange regs while sitting in a camouflaged blind.

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