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Head shot--No Blood!
Mule Deer
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From: BB

BB's embedded Photo
BB's embedded Photo
I couldn't get a good shot today on this buck, so in frustration I head shot him. Not one drop of blood either!

Don't come down too hard on me though as it was just with my camera!

Thought a few of you might enjoy his photo. Too bad it can't post larger as it has a lot of detail in a much larger photo than here on the Bowsite. And for some reason my computer and they way the Bowsite handles photos make the color way off from what it really is. Does anyone know why that happens?

I did spend a good portion of my day going up and taking photos and watching some of my son's friends pack a bull elk off the mountain that he arrowed yesterday morning. It was fun and deep down I felt the miss of the old times doing that. At least I passed it on!

Have a great bow hunt. BB

From: Jaquomo
Bill, you "passed it on" to many.

That is one ugly deer. Some body needs to shoot him to get him out of the gene pool! :)

Hope you have a great fall and "shoot" many more excellent trophies!

Good for you! Please say hello to the "gang"!! C

From: midwest
Good one, Bill!

From: Bowboy
That buck needs to be removed from the gene pool!

Thanks for posting another great photo.

From: drycreek
I like that right ear cocked back ! He doesn't want anybody sneaking up behind him. Good pic Bill, as always.

I always enjoy your photos.

From: TD
Droopy ear..... =D

From: Treeline
Awesome picture, Bill!

You gotta still get at least a little urge to send an ugly old buck like that a Snuffer, though!

Nathan really got jazzed over that one as well.

From: Fuzzy
love it!

From: Genesis
Great shot Bill....keep it coming throughout the season!!

From: Zbone
Looks like Rompala buck, droopy ear...8^)

From: XMan
wow, very cool shot there BB!

From: Keef
Great shot as always Bill. If you keep this up someday you're going to get the knack of it. :)

From: bowriter
Great shot. What mm lens, 300?

From: AndyJ
That might be my favorite of your pictures Bill. It's a perfect picture to show how hard it is to kill a big mule deer. He's got his left ear focused on one thing, his right ear on another. His nostrils have that tightness like he is really trying to move some air. He's analyzing hundreds of different smells and deciding which ones are dangerous. And his eyes are locked on his most immediate threat. Great shot.

From: leo17
Your Pictures are always amazing!!!!!

From: BB

BB's embedded Photo
BB's embedded Photo
Thanks guys. Sure wish all of you well this year out there in the woods, no matter what you are after. I will be out there most of the fall with just my camera. My new weapon of choice now is a Canon. I know there are lots of you who don't like to see anything unless is shot with a bow, so I apologize right off the bat! Ha Ha

Here's a buck that most mule deer lovers would more than love to arrow. I bet he's over 200 as a typical! Few and far between these days!

Have a great bow hunt. BB

From: ilandhunter
Great photos Bill, thanks Chuck

From: Teeton
Nice ! Thanks for sharing BB. On a side note,, I would be proud to take that buck. Ed

From: TD
Bill.... with the camera you never miss!... and you never fail to recover your trophy...

Thanks much, pretty cool...

Excellent photos as always Bill. Thanx for posting.

From: bighorn
Bill you have amazing photos keep'em coming.

From: W
Can't believe a camera hunter is posting on a bow forum!!!

From: azarchery
W, you must be new to bowsite.

From: lineman21
W, Bill has forgotten more about bow hunting than you will ever know.

Great photos Bill. Thanks for posting. Keep them coming.

From: Gene
Thank you, thank you! Love your work!

From: Kevin Dill
Superb. I would travel all the way from Ohio to 'hunt' with you....and my bow would happily stay home.

Thank you for sharing those bucks with us.

From: BB

BB's embedded Photo
BB's embedded Photo
W, typically I always do the wrong thing!

Thanks guys. And good luck to all of you! BB

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