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gator taxidermist questions
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DonVathome 28-Aug-16
Bigpizzaman 28-Aug-16
Dollar 28-Aug-16
DonVathome 30-Aug-16
From: DonVathome
First what does it look like when a gator hide slips? While skinning my gator a piece of something flaked off. It looked like dry skin off a person (color) but thicker. No scales or green just opaque white and about the size of a quarter. Nothing else happened.

Also any special tricks for bleaching a gator skull?

What is the going rate for an 8' gator full body mount?

From: Bigpizzaman
Don, Not sure about question one but, Gator mounts are $500 per ft average, the bigger the Gator, a little less per ft. If you are mounting a Gator you will use your skull.

From: Dollar
Slipping is when the exterior skin come off the hide.Gators have two layers.One over the outside and the bone(scales or scoots) and the interior hide like leather.When its not handle properly slipping occurs on the exterior.Usually prior to tanning but usually shows before tanning.Can't leave a gator out in the sun because they are all solar panel and absorb heat dead or alive. The full body mounts usually run 250 per foot but will be higher on larger gators and more if habitat is included. A 8' gator should run about 200 to 250 per foot depending on what you do. Habitat can be expensive but looks good. Skull is just like any other skull get the flesh off and bleach it.Just have to watch for small bones.We usually put the head in a mesh bag.

Good luck

From: DonVathome
Thanks guys!

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