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Becareful on the tundra during storms!
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From: Huntcell

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Carnage after storm in Norway leaves more than 300 dead.

From: APauls
Ya heard about that, crazy.

I love when they discuss if they will "let nature take it's course." lol the animals are dead and you already intervened to put 5 down that were struggling due to injury?

From: StickFlicker
Sad day for Santa...

" sad day for Santa "

Actually sad day for my kids come December 25! LOL. This article just saved me about $3k.

From: Medicinemann
Does Norway have a bear/wolf population? If so, they just hit the jackpot.

Lake trout woulda killed em eventually anyway.....

From: LBshooter
That is wild, one bolt took them all out? They must of been standing on a metal cable or something. I hear PETA is going to try and ban lightening now.

From: Bou'bound
yes they do jake. wolves for sure.

From: Florida Mike
It wasn't lightening. It was a secret weapon the MILITARY was testing. They grossly underestimated its power. Its an electro-magnetic pulse weapon designed to only kill personnel and not harm machinery. We are one step closer to the robot wars that many have predicted. Santa lives! Mike

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