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Manitoba Caribou Hunting
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From: NEHunter
Anyone going to Manitoba this year? We are leaving Saturday to hunt with Munroe Lake Outfitters! Just wondering if anyone has heard any news on the migration this year?

Good luck! I hunted with Robert and Michelle at Munroe a couple years ago, great GREAT people!!! There should be caribou around regardless of the migration. What week are you hunting?

From: OneShot
How many days are you hunting? When I was researching this hunt, it seemed that 4 1/2 days of hunting was the norm.

good luck

From: NEHunter
OFFHNTN we are going the second week. They have hunters that just started yesterday. We have had it booked for a couple years so we are beyond ready to go. It will be fun to be up there no matter what the caribou are doing!

OneShot that's correct it is 4 1/2 days of hunting. I think if the caribou are there that is plenty of time to get the job done! Thanks for the replies, I need some therapy to get through the work week!

From: PAstringking
Robert and Michelle are great people and run a great operation. Good luck on your hunt

From: Tatonka
Good luck... The caribou have been a hit or miss the last couple years in Manitoba. In 2014 the migration started and for reasons unknown, they turned and headed back to Nunavut. I hunted there in 2013 (Lodge at Little Duck) and it was great..everyone in camp killed two nice bulls (rifles) and they went 100% for the season, as did all the outfitters that year to the best of my knowledge.

I almost went back this year, but with the short duration of the hunts and the migration being in question, I chose to pass. If there are problems with the weather (flying into camp, bad weather while you are there, etc.), 4 1/2 or even 6 days really isn't enough. I personally would rather spend more for a hunt and have it 10 days, but no one there offers a 10 day hunt. A 4 or 5 day hunt can easily turn into a 1 or 2 day hunt if the weather doesn't cooperate.

At any rate, I'm sure you'll have a great hunt.... Looking forward to photos!!!

From: wkochevar
Hunted with Munroe 2 years ago. As Tatonka said weather is a big factor up there (as it is anywhere up there this time of year). Our 5 day turned into a 2.5 day but the entire camp took their 2 bulls a piece and no one settled for anything less than what they wanted. It would have been great to have more days just because the tundra is such an awesome place, but I do not feel cheated one bit. Robert and Michele run a top-notch outfit and I will return one day soon. Kip

From: Kdog
Good luck on your hunt, hope you kill a giant!

From: NEHunter
Thanks for the responses everyone. Hopefully the caribou and the weather both cooperate! I am aware of how that goes after being delayed one day and stuck at camp 2 days on our moose hunt a couple years ago! Either way I can't wait to go.

From: Zebrakiller

Zebrakiller's embedded Photo
Zebrakiller's embedded Photo
Good luck My buddies bull Manitoba 2015

From: MathewsMan

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MathewsMan's embedded Photo
My dad is going up again for a moose in a few weeks. We enjoyed our Bou hunt in 2014.

That was fun!!! The guys in camp thought that it was one big bull from a distance.

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