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Federal Court strikes down import ban
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Jim in PA 30-Aug-16
Wayniac 30-Aug-16
HDE 30-Aug-16
AZ~Rich 30-Aug-16
TXCO 30-Aug-16
Drahthaar 30-Aug-16
From: Jim in PA

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A while ago everyone was concerned about the proposed Bill in Connecticut regarding importation and possession of certain wildlife from Africa. Nj had a very similar bill which was passed into law June 1. Conservation Force along with NJ taxidermist Association and several hunters who had trips planned filed suit in Federal Court against the state of NJ on July 8. Yesterday Aug 29 the Judge in the case ruled against the State saying they could not preempt federal laws already in place. This is a big deal knowing other states were watching and had plans of their own to move forward with similar legislation.

From: Wayniac
Awesome! Congrats.

I hate it here in CT

From: HDE
...and I got hammered by some for saying that State law cannot trump Federal law...

This strengthens hunting and its ability to survive long term.

From: AZ~Rich
Great news, I had hoped something would happen to kick this dumb NJ law to the curb.

From: TXCO
Great news!!!

From: Drahthaar
Great news, hope other states follow . Forrest

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