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SBH 30-Aug-16
Z Barebow 30-Aug-16
Brotsky 31-Aug-16
LINK 31-Aug-16
SlipShot 31-Aug-16
Bucksnort32 31-Aug-16
sleepingbear 31-Aug-16
SBH 31-Aug-16
From: SBH
I packed in a camp a few weeks back for my upcoming season. I drew a special draw mule deer buck tag in MT. Well I went in to check on my stuff which I left hanging in a tree and they have cattle in there. Not right where I'm hunting per se but in the general area. I know the possible effect on elk but what about mule deer? Do they care about the cows?

From: Z Barebow
At least in ND where I hunt, the answer is no. I don't necessarily see them herded together, but I will have cattle one day and deer the next.

From: Brotsky
My experience has been that the deer will not move far. They may not be in the same area as the cattle but will not be far from them. They don't like to compete for graze, but the areas the cattle can't or won't get to will hold your deer. I wouldn't be too worried about it. Best of luck to you!

From: LINK
The herd of elk I killed a cow out of a few years ago had just walked within 30 yards of a herd of cattle. I had to move fast to catch up and was kicking rocks like crazy. Elk didn't care as the cattle were making all sorts of racket especially after I walked through them. I think elk/deer moving out has more to do with the presence of people than livestock.

From: SlipShot
There are cows all over the area I hunt and it does not seem to bother the elk or deer at all. What does bother them is when the cowboys come in move the cows into area that is holding elk, in a attempt to move the elk up to there property. Again it is not the cows, it the men and dogs pushing the cows. I guess when you are getting 12k per hunter you have to do your best to get them shots?!?

From: Bucksnort32
My fam runs a cattle ranch and it effects Whitetail the most and yes elk will be more likely to move out of area, mule deer seem to hang around more

From: sleepingbear
In Nevada the deer and the range cows may or may not eat the same thing and are often found in the same area's.I have seen them in the same bowls and mtn sides.The problem is the cows are SPOOKY and will blow out, sendind the deer with them

From: SBH
Thanks for the response guys

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