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Leaving on the 7th for B.C.!!!
Mountain Goat
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Bayou 05-Sep-16
kota-man 05-Sep-16
Bsaw10 05-Sep-16
Kurt 05-Sep-16
Bayou 06-Sep-16
BULELK1 06-Sep-16
huntmaster 06-Sep-16
Chief 419 06-Sep-16
sureshot 06-Sep-16
g5smoke21 16-Sep-16
From: Bayou
Well I'm leaving on the 7th at 0600 for British Columbia and will be hunting with Clint Larson out of Smither's. I've been on the stair master and treadmill every other day for 3 months and honestly I'm in better shape but I don't think I can be truly prepared for the climb being from Ohio, lol. I've been to Africa and Ontario (bear over bait) before but I'm looking forward to this hunt more than the others. The scenery and accomplishment is what I'm looking forward too. This is going to be a great hunt and adventure. Can't wait....

From: kota-man
Good luck!

From: Bsaw10
What you going to shoot at this place in BC?

From: Kurt
Good luck! It's been wet...bring your rain gear and grease your boots! Kurt

From: Bayou
Gonna go after goat and black bear and hopefully a wolf. I've taken a black bear previously but want to take something of size, my bear that I have mounted looks like a cub, lol. I want a nice bear rug and of course a full body mount for a goat. Really what I want and not too sound cheesy is to sit atop one of those mountains and gaze at God's creation.

Have fun, travel safe & enjoy.

Good luck, Robb

From: huntmaster
Good Luck! I'm right behind you on the 8th!

From: Chief 419
Good luck! Please post a report with plenty of pictures.

From: sureshot
"Really what I want and not too sound cheesy is to sit atop one of those mountains and gaze at God's creation."

Good luck, anyone can look up at a mountain. .....

From: g5smoke21
Any update?

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