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Skining Out An Antelope
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DL 08-Sep-16
GF 08-Sep-16
fubar racin 08-Sep-16
From: DL

DL's embedded Photo
DL's embedded Photo
Just got this from a friend. Since there were no trees they had to improvise. The three of them got their animals. Spot and stalk. I guess bellying crawling in the sage and looking eyeball to eyeball with a snake makes a nervous Hunter.

From: GF
I was thinking about all of the ARA/PETA backlash & ramifications of skinning out an animal close to a road that gets enough traffic for anybody to be willing to put up a billboard...

And then I remembered that it's a different world where that picture was taken....

LOL. Simpler times!

From: fubar racin
I skinned an elk in the motel parking lot right on main Street when I was on my honeymoon lol.

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