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Finding moose land?
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deep dropper 09-Sep-16
TMA1010 09-Sep-16
Nick Muche 09-Sep-16
standswittaknife 09-Sep-16
Tatonka 09-Sep-16
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BigOzzie 09-Sep-16
Foot Shooter 10-Sep-16
IdyllwildArcher 10-Sep-16
Tonybear61 10-Sep-16
South Farm 12-Sep-16
deep dropper 13-Sep-16
spike buck 13-Sep-16
South Farm 15-Sep-16
moosenelson 16-Sep-16
Halibutman 16-Sep-16
From: deep dropper
Hey guys and gals, looking to get out of this florida heat and find a place up north or out west. I am looking to become a residence of a place were I can apply and get a moose tag at least ever 2-3 years. I would even consider canada if I can pull it off. would also like to build a cabin on the land. Any help would be great.

Let's keep them dropping John

From: TMA1010
John - I'm not 100% sure but if you want a tag every 2-3 years you'll likely have to go to Canada as the lower 48 most moose tags are OIL or have a waiting period after drawing.

Look into Newfoundland...rumor is there are a lot of moose out there!

From: Nick Muche
Sounds like Alaska may be your best option. I'm going moose hunting in a few hours.

Alaska is only place that comes to mind...

From: Tatonka
I've been putting in for a moose tag here in Montana for almost 40 years now and have yet to draw..... Head to Alaska, young man.....Head to Alaska. :)

From: spike78
Don't come to the northeast. You will probably get a tag in 15-20 years. No lie.

From: BigOzzie
I'm with Tatonka it's not montana I cannot draw a tag to save my life.


From: Foot Shooter
I think you need to become a Resident of Canada to get those tags (but others may be better informed). Seems like it would take about 6 years living there prior to being able to apply for citizenship..... BC seems like a wonderful place!

Alaska is really your only good option. Canada has options, but I think there's going to be a lot more involved just to get a moose tag than you might think.

If you haven't ever hunted moose, you might consider doing a moose hunt first before changing your entire life. Have you ever spent two weeks in the far north? There are a ton of cabins in Alaska on public land that you can rent cheap that are remote.

Until you've dealt with the bugs, the cold, the remoteness, the people, the cost of living, etc, you might want to taste it before you jump in head-long. The north is a completely different culture and way of living than anything in the lower 48.

From: Tonybear61
Moose are gone in MN, so are the tags..

AK probably your best bet. Or maybe Maine??

From: South Farm
Back in the day if you owned land in Ontario you could hunt moose, but only in the zone your land was in. Don't ask me how much land or it this still rings true, but worth looking into maybe.

From: deep dropper
Okay that is a lot of great information. It sounds like AK is the place to be if I can afford the travel. Sounds cheaper for a pay hunt in Canada every couple of years. I was able to get a moose in Manitoba this last fall so I know how remote it can be.

I will keep looking into this and I think Newfoundland is the only place in CA that a non resident can go non guided?


From: spike buck
South Farm, Ontario now does not allow NR's to apply for moose tags anymore unless they go through an outfitter.

However, what you say is true for bear. Must be over 40 acres for bear. 1 bear tag per piece of deeded land over 40 acres. Tag is good for whichever WMU your deeded land is situated in.

From: South Farm
Thanks Spike, that's good info to know!

From: moosenelson
Most of Canada u just have to live for 6mths to be a resident. Manitoba, Saskatchewan Alberta, British Columbia, Newfoundland and the territories will be places u can get a tag every year. Archery draws yearly in some areas in ontario and even some rifle hunts too but u gotta be in remote areas.

Remote areas in Canada can be fly in only or canoe in. . Hunting pressure here is wayyyy less than the usa. Go into these remote areas and u can expect to be all alone.

From: Halibutman
If you want to actually kill good moose in Alaska, you're going to need to fly in. This will cost you $2-3000 to make happen. Your costs of everything will go up as well. I know. I lived there for 4 years and killed moose there. You can go "hunting" for very near to free, but if you want to cut your tag every time you'll have to pay up.

There are road accessed, guided hunts in Newfoundland for almost the same price. Land in Maine is cheap as hell. That's your cocktail if you ask me.

Move to Maine and live there, then travel annually to "the Rock" and get your moose. It's a super cool hunt, and the only place you'll hear a moose called a "10 pointer" for sure.

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