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Wolves vs Bear vs Hunter.
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Put a hunter in the stand last nite in one of my remote wilderness spots in Wis. He had some small bears in and out. Then the night to remember started. While a BIG sow and 3 cubs were in the bait the hunter noticed a pack of wolves circling the bears................ When the wolves were set they made their move on the cubs. The sow attacked one wolf and sent it squealing through the swamp. Then the hunt of a life time started. The sow sounded off at the cubs as she took after the other wolves. The 3 cubs ran back down the trail the hunter and I came in on which happened to pass right next to the tree he was in. Which happens to be the biggest tree around. Can you guess what happened next ???? Bet you can't........ Mean while back at camp its 9pm and no hunter back yet and no calls. Sooooo my son and I on separate wheelers go looking for the hunter. I thought maybe his wheeler was broke down.... But when I came across the hunters wheeler and no hunter I had a sick feeling thinking the worst!!! ( a fall ). As I reached the bait I could see a lite up in the tree. As soon as I turned my wheeler off the hunter yelled that he was surrounded by 3 bears in the SAME TREE and the sow was between him and me rather pissed off on the ground. I started in for the hunter (I had no weapon) just as my son pulled up. When Matt turned off his wheeler he said he could hear the sow popping her teeth next to me. I guess I was focused on the safety of the hunter and didn't hear her. I reached the tree and found the hunters bow on the ground. I had the hunter come down and you can imagine he was rather excited and reluctant to come down. I never did see the sow. But I did see the other bear above him in the SAME TREE !!!!!??

When the cubs ran by his tree they all climbed up his tree with one passing by him within a foot knocking his bow down to the ground the other 2 stayed below him. Now you can imagine the temperament the sow was now in. She sounded off for the cubs to come with her. The 2 below went back down but the one above wouldn't come down because of the hunter. Sooo there we have it, a pissed off sow on the ground walking on his bow and a cub above the hunter which I forgot the mention was shitting on the hunter. The sow decided this was enough and also started up the tree. Luckily the hunter had a side arm and fire 2 shots to scare the sow which did make her retreat. This brings us to the cavalry arriving. When I arrived I didn't see the sow but did see the cute cub still above the hunter. When the hunter came down we gathered his scattered equipment cleaned out shorts and went back to camp for a relaxing meal and cocktails.??

Best Damn Job I Ever Had.........

As of last nite we have 8 hunters in camp...6 killed, 1 wound and 29 different bear passed. The rain sucks

I've been guiding bear hunters for over 40 years this tops the memories.

From: SBH
Unreal. Crazy story.

From: iceman
Wow! Talk about "pucker factor"!

From: Bear Track
Yup, I've had a few of those too and in memory of those instances, I name the bait site after the hunter.

From: No Mercy
My buddy just had a similar thing happen in MN last week.

From: CurveBow
Great adventure! Thanks for sharing.... :)


From: Rut Nut
Wow! Just when you think you've heard it all.............................. ;-)

From: Fuzzy

From: LBshooter
Very cool story and good thing he had a side arm. Wonder what would have been the outcome had he not had a sidearm?

From: SteveB
Wow. Quite possible a very sad ending without the sidearm. Geez!!

From: Ibow
Great story... Fun to read. Thanks for sharing.

From: muskeg

From: TSI
Coyotes are also hunting Cubs we've seen it a few times

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