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Heading to Colorado
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coyote 12-Sep-16
Buffalo1 13-Sep-16
Buffalo1 13-Sep-16
From: coyote
Heading out early a.m. from Indiana to northeast Colorado. A friend and I didn't have any preference points so we picked an over the counter state. Roughly a 1,000 mile drive for us - figuring about 16 hours.

Weather forecast says there is a 40% of rain on Thursday and sunshine thereafter till the archery season closes on the 21st. I'm bringing a cow decoy and an antelope decoy in case we spot and stalk. Should at least be the beginning of the rut.

The friend I'm bringing has never killed and animal, let alone an antelope, so my main goal is to get him the first shot. After that it's every man for himself !

From: Buffalo1
Just last week I saw bucks marking territory and young bucks chasing does and alpha bucks protecting their herds from scavenger bucks. Archerdan videoed 2 bucks in a serious altercation.

So pre-rut is definitely happening in the Converse County area (Unit 29).

Don't know what is happening further NE in Colorado.

Best of luck to you.

From: Buffalo1
Watch Drycreek's thread "Leaving Friday" for comments. May want to PM later in the week. He is hunting further north of Douglas in the Bill, WY area.

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