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Overnight in DOHA?
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Bushwacker 13-Sep-16
wildwilderness 14-Sep-16
From: Bushwacker
We're planning our trip to Africa and checking out flight options. Namibia is high on our list and one option is to go through Doha, Qatar with about an eight hour layover. Has anyone gone through Doha and spent the time resting up at a hotel near the airport? I have talked to several of you about your travels to South Africa and many recommend spending the night in a hotel near the airport the night of your arrival. By doing the layover in Doha, we'd arrive early morning in Namibia and go straight to the property with a few hours rest under our belts. I've googled hotels in Doha, but nothing really stood out as a decent place to layover. Thanks

Doha is a modern city and safe. Was part of the British empire until the 70's? It would be similar to Dubai just not as big. It is westernized, even allows alcohol, lots of shopping centers etc. Shouldn't be a problem at all to stay there.

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