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Steve Osminski is a Class Act!
Wild Sheep
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NvaGvUp 16-Sep-16
drycreek 16-Sep-16
Mike the Carpenter 17-Sep-16
Shrewski 18-Sep-16
NvaGvUp 19-Sep-16
From: NvaGvUp
Steve Osminski, aka, 'Shrewski,' is a class act and an honorable guy.

He just sent me a fine bottle of wine and I can't remember if it was the result of a bet I won or simply a challenge.

Never-the-less, Steve remembered and today, via FedEx, I received a fine bottle of wine from him!

Well done, Steve. You have my greatest respect!

Thank you, fine sir!


From: drycreek
Congrats Kyle !

( I like George Dickel or Jim Beam, so step up Shrewski :) )

"Steve Osminski, aka, 'Shrewski,' is a class act and an honorable guy."

I concur.

From: Shrewski
Hah. Thanks, but I was just happy to have Kyle out of my point pool!

:-) just kidding.

Think of it as a congratulations and a small thank you for all your volunteer work for wild sheep conservation.

From: NvaGvUp
Thanks, Steve.

The Legislative Affairs Committee was back in DC again last week. We were educating some western Senators and Congressmen on the disease issue again. You'll see a press release in Mountain Minutes soon as well as in the Wild Sheep magazine

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