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Have you hunted Nahanni Butte (Lancastr)
Wild Sheep
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geoffp 17-Sep-16
Charlie Rehor 18-Sep-16
Rock 18-Sep-16
geoffp 18-Sep-16
KTH 19-Sep-16
glunker 21-Sep-16
PAstringking 21-Sep-16
Quick Draw 1 23-Sep-16
From: geoffp
Hi Guys, I am hunting with Nahanni Butte next July. Archery Dall Sheep. Wanted to see if there was anyone out there I could talk to about what to expect, hunt info, tips, etc.

Thanks, Geoff


Charlie Rehor's embedded Photo
Charlie Rehor's embedded Photo
Be in the best shape you can be and be as proficient an archer as possible they will take care of the rest! Hope you have as good a hunt as I had! Good luck! C

From: Rock
My info is out dated as I hunted there when Greg Williams had the are3a before Lancasters and I believe they fly you in by chooper now we hiked in 35 miles one way. I was the 4th bowhunter to take a ram there after they opened it to bowhunter I hunted in July 1983.

From: geoffp
Rock, That is awesome. You are a piece of history! Hopefully, I am as fortunate.

From: KTH
You are in good hands. Great choice.

From: glunker
I hunted there in 1991 with Williams. There used to be a contract clause about getting a shot or you could get a partial refund. Williams sold out with no notice to me when I wanted another hunt. Check the fine print. I have heard nothing negative about the present owners.

From: PAstringking
You wont be disappointed. The most difficult part of these hunts is mental toughness. There is no way to prepare for this until you have been there.

Just matter amazing experience and life long dream can be just over the next mountain.

From: Quick Draw 1
Geoff- I took a really nice ram with them last year, and am hunting with them again next year. Happy to talk to you about it. PM sent with my phone. Alan

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