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Black Bear hunt for a father and son
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Hunter8112 18-Sep-16
Brotsky 18-Sep-16
drycreek 18-Sep-16
Ibow 18-Sep-16
Fuzzy 19-Sep-16
TSI 19-Sep-16
spike buck 19-Sep-16
milnrick 19-Sep-16
Hunter8112 21-Sep-16
OneShot 21-Sep-16
TSI 21-Sep-16
Yeager 21-Sep-16
From: Hunter8112
I am looking for any advice or suggestion for outfitters for a black bear hunt for me and my son. I would like to go to a 2 bear area. I have looked at some outfitters in Alberta. I have just recently discovered some 2 bear hunts in Idaho. I would prefer the Idaho hunt so I could drive, but I would rather go to the best outfitter no matter where it is. I have noticed Boulder Creek Outfitters had some interesting hunts ( 2 bear/wolf combo or bear/turkey combo). But I have heard some not so good reviews from years ago. I have not seen reviews for anything recent. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

From: Brotsky
Just curious why the 2 bear limit restriction? You can have a fantastic hunt for some monster bears in 1 bear areas. Some of the best outfitters are also in Manitoba which is a one bear province. I would not consider any hunt in the states, go to Canada.

From: drycreek
I'm no help, but good luck in your search ! If you find a good place to bear hunt in the states, I would like to know about it if you don't mind sharing. I don't want to go to Canada either.

From: Ibow
Desjardins Outfitting, Manitoba.

Pine Acres, Ontario

Mike's Outfitting, Alberta

If you're stuck on Idaho, Weitas Creek Outfitting.

From: Fuzzy
Victoria Outfitters, NF, Canada, it's a long drive, but worth it.

From: TSI
New Brunswick,Newfoundland,BC,Alberta all have two bear limits.

From: spike buck
If you want Alberta for a fully guided hunt, with a 2 bear limit and a quality outfitter, Mikes Outfitting. Manitoba, 1 bear limit, you cant pick a better outfitter than Desjardins or Bear Track Outfitters.

Then of course there's Dave at Trophy Safari International who also is a 2 bear limit province (NB) and fully guided. And don't forget the many other bowsite sponsors.

If you want a "SEMI GUIDED" outfitter, then there's me at Pine Acres.

From: milnrick
Look no further than Dave @ TSI

From: Hunter8112
Thank you all so much for the suggestions and advice. I will look into all of the outfitters suggested.

To answer the question about why I was look for a 2 bear limit hunt. I do not want to seem greedy or anything but a hunt like this is not something I will do often and maybe never again (bear hunt). If I am going to the expense of time and money I would rather get the most bang for the buck so to speak. I like the idea of being able to take a good bear and wait for a really good bear. Or the idea of being able to take a rifle and bow depending to what is needed.

More than anything I am looking for a good hunt to enjoy with my son. Not that a good time means getting a bear every time, but it sure helps.


From: OneShot
I didn't know New Brunswick was 2 bear limit. Interesting....hmmm

From: TSI
Hunter good luck in your selection any of the sponsors currently listed here are well vetted and long standing qualified and properly licensed and real pros.Always buyer beware don't be afraid to ask lots of questions.

From: Yeager
I'll second Dejardins Outfitting in Maitoba.....they have a great area and work hard. Then, you can't forget the great meals. April will not let you go home with gaining a few pounds. Been there four times and have shot 3 P&Y bears of the 4 I've taken with them.

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