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Will 19-Sep-16
Pigsticker 21-Sep-16
cmbbulldog 21-Sep-16
Basil 21-Sep-16
MPN 22-Sep-16
kota-man 22-Sep-16
huntindoc 22-Sep-16
From: Will
Searching for a 2017 Alberta Spot and Stalk/Stand Trophy MD hunt.

Guided out of a cabin type setting. No Pack Ins.

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

From: Pigsticker

Pigsticker's Link
I just came back from Mike Ukrainetz's and had a blast. 5 peeps in camp 3 out 4 mule deer killed with all 4 getting shots.

one moose hunter in camp killed on day 2!

Guides were great, Out before daylight in after dark. I did not get the best hit but we tracked until blood was gone then got another guide and searched until we recovered the buck. he scored 170 and I saw some bigger,

This was my first guided hunt and it was everything that I desired and was the culmination of a lifelong dream of hunting Alberta.

My buddy had been on several guided hunts with some being horrible and he has already booked a spring bear hunt and was talking about another hunt before we had even departed!!!

From: cmbbulldog
+ 1 with Mike, give him a call. Went with him last year and killed a great buck. I have researched Graham Brigden as well. Those would be my first 2 calls. Good luck.

From: Basil
Can't go wrong with Graham Brigden. Will be going in early October for my 6th trip. Great people with a vast amount of property to hunt. High success with a real opportunity for great bucks. Do some research on this sight and see some pictures of successful clients.

From: MPN
As stated Mike's.... Hunted bear with them twice. Good outfit. Hunting with Rugged Outfitting later this year....We'll see how that pans out.

From: kota-man
Mike and Graham are both EXCELLENT choices.

From: huntindoc
Jack Franklin at Lost Creek Outfitters. Also a great situation

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