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Unit 23 Wyoming
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Deer Slayer 23-Sep-16
drycreek 23-Sep-16
petedrummond 23-Sep-16
From: Deer Slayer
Anyone ever hunted unit 23 on the westernside of the unit along the powder river seams to be quite a bit of BLM ground out there. Was wandering if thier are very many numbers of animals out there. Enough for a couple guys to chase.

From: drycreek
I'm not much help here, but I've hunted 23 on the Eastern side, right up against Highway 59. There were lots of antelope on private, but my experience is that private holds way more goats in Eastern Wyoming than public.

From: petedrummond
Hunted 22 last week. Saw a lot on ranch we were on with private outfitter Bear Track from Buffalo. Before i booked i called Wyoming dnr and they said 23,23 snd 113 had the best population.

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