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Bringing meat from Canada to US?
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coonazz 29-Sep-16
Bestbowhunter 29-Sep-16
caribouken 29-Sep-16
From: coonazz
I'm leaving (TX) tomorrow with another buddy of mine for an archery moose hunt in British Columbia. My parents are actually on a long road trip and the plan is (if we get a moose or two) to have them processed locally in Canada and have my parents bring the meat home to Dallas. (Saving us a fortune on checked bags - bringing the meat back on the plane.)

Any issues with them (not us, the hunters) bringing the meat back from potentially 2 moose into the states? Any special game meat transporting forms me and the other hunter needs to fill out beforehand? Any other potential issues?


PM sent.

From: caribouken
PM sent.

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