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1st timer sheep show... what to expect?
Wild Sheep
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LaughingWater 30-Sep-16
Mad Trapper 30-Sep-16
huntmaster 30-Sep-16
NvaGvUp 30-Sep-16
bill v 30-Sep-16
LaughingWater 01-Oct-16
NvaGvUp 01-Oct-16
NVBighorn 03-Oct-16
bill v 06-Oct-16
Hi all,

I think I am going to go to the Sheep Show in Reno this year. I've read some old posts about how great it is, but as a first timer, what can I expect? I see that there has been a bowsite cocktail party in the past... is that an annual thing? What other events are there outside the actual convention that a newbie can get involved with?

I've been around bowsite for 7-8 years, but i mostly lurk b/c my limited state land white tail tales don't stack up to the amazing adventures so many of you have... i'm looking forward to an opportunity to meet some of you "famous" bowsiters face to face!

I am a <1, and I don't see that changing any time soon because I am more in the invest and accumulate phase of my life than the spend and enjoy phase, but I want to do my part to make sure the sheep are still around when its time for me to hunt them!

so, what can i expect?!?


From: Mad Trapper
Good times with some great people. First class organization all the way. Usually Tony Mudd organizes a bowhunters dinner for Wednesday night. We generally don't get there until Thursday or Friday so we have missed it. Kyle usually keeps us posted about those activities. I highly recommend attending. You won't regret it.

From: huntmaster
I was a first timer last year and definitely enjoyed the show. I headed there by myself knowing that I would run into other guys that I "knew" from BS or FB and make some new friends along the way. Did a bunch of both!

I spent most of my time in the exhibit hall talking to outfitters and bumped into many Bowsiter's that would come up to say hi to the outfitter and then a conversation would break out.

Good times, I'm planning on going back this year!

From: NvaGvUp
The Sheep Show is "Friends, Family, and Conservation."

Friends? You'll meet some you know and make new friends.

Family? The sheep hunting community is definitely a family. We take care of our own and step up big time when someone needs help.

Conservation? We put 77% of the money we raised into on-the-ground conservation projects last year. That's a number that is astonishingly high for non-profits.

I went to my first Sheep Show in 1999 simply to meet with a sculptor who was doing some work for me. I was incredibly impressed by the quality of the people I met and their willingness to share information with me.

I've been to every Sheep Show since!

From: bill v
Matt, there is also an Eastern Chapter show in Lancaster Pa too , if you get the time

Bill V

thanks guys.

bill v and others - how does the eastern show stack up to the main show?


From: NvaGvUp

The two are totally different experiences.

Eastern puts on a fine show, but it's nothing close to the WSF Sheep Show.

The Sheep Show is an major, international convention with over 400 exhibitors.

Do both if you can.

You won't regret it.

From: NVBighorn
Bring money :)

From: bill v
Matt, Kyle is correct, The Eastern Chapter WSF Show is not on the same scale as Main show in Reno. But, you can drive there and have a great time for a day or weekend. I have set up a booth there for the United Bowhunters of Pa. for the last 5 or 6 yrs. Myself and a couple of my county reps just love this event. Great people, great cause. If you come down, stay for the Sat. gala, you wont be sorry. If you come , you can hang out with us if you like, we'll show you around.

Enjoy, bill v

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