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Montana grizz attack
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From: Grubby

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Something has to be done or this will just keep happening more and More. These bears needs some fear put back in them!!! Hunt


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From: Carnage2011
What a crazy deal! As someone that has spent a lot of time in that area, I can honestly say that the Bears around there are out of control. This spring I was in the area and cut 7 bear tracks crossing the trail in a fresh snow. That's flat out ridiculous. I have yet to step foot back in there since that day because it is not worth the risk.

From: 808bowhunter
Crazy, I had a buddy in the area a few weeks ago and he said the trailhead was closed due to a Grizz. Said an outfitter had shot at a griz during a charge at his client and himself. They never found the bear and weren't sure if it was hit. This was just a few creeks south of the incident.

From: kylet
808 +1 That was the word on the street when I was out there. We were actually going to head up that drainage after they lifted the closure but decided it wasn't worth the risk.

From: LINK
Easy to question his choices and I'm not but it seams I woulda grabbed the pistol in one hand when the bears were at 80 yards. Im glad he made it ok, that has to be a guys worse nightmare.

From: Franzen
Seems like one tough SOB. Glad he made it out. All too real when you realize you have spent some time in nearby areas.

I do wonder if there was much wind when he pulled the trigger on the spray? Seems like it only pissed this bear off. Guys touting the effectiveness of spray only need to take a serious look at this case. I myself only carried spray at times.

From: LBshooter
Wow, lucky man right there. I guess a 44 mag would have been better in this case than the spray. I guess if the bear is pissed off enough spray isn't going to do the job. Maybe it's time to have limited hunts to let the Bears know that man needs to be feared. But then again, it's a momma protecting her kids, doing what nature intended.

From: SteveB
Too bad. I couldn't understand not having the pistol out earlier myself. Glad he's going to be ok.

Agreed. This is getting ridiculous!

From: HuntinHabit
I just saw this this morning also. Glad he's OK. I bought a custom knife from Todd several years ago, he does great work. Hope he fully recovers. Be careful out there fellas!

I think that if I survived the first mauling, I would've wanted to have the pistol in my hand, but this guy displayed unbelievable poise. In the same situation, I think that I'd be suffering from a degree of shock that could preclude linear thinking. I have to admit that I doubt that I could display the same sort of steady commentary in a video after being mauled twice and hiking off the mountain with meat tendrils hanging out of my forearm and my hat holding a good chunk of my scalp in place. I'm not Monday morning quarterbacking this guy.

As I commented elsewhere:

Unbelievable demeanor!! That's a studly calm. My hat is off to him. Gets mauled twice. Hikes three miles off the mountain. Records a public service message. Drives himself to the hospital. Yanks his girlfriend's chain on the way. Gets complimented by a cop for buckling his seat belt when he gets to the hospital.

Screw the Dos Equis guy! Someone needs to put this guy in a beer commercial.

From: Mr.C
LBshooter yep she had cubs so IMO you cant fault her for that, hes lucky! Id would have pulled the pistol and fired the first round at about 50 yrds give or take in her direction (Remember shes come n from 80yds) and then 1 every ten after with the intent to kill! and he didnt pull it after the first attack? REALLY!! Its a grizz your now her "dinner" and your running away! of course shes gonna knock you down again ..DONT RUN

you can have your silly bear spray! they have to be toooo close in order for it to be affective IMO and it dont pop a hole in them or go BANG

Wow. Glad he survived.

From: bowracks
3rd encounter/attack in a week. I grew up around there and still hunt the area. What trailhead/drainage was this attack at? Seems it is just referred to as the "area". Perhaps people need to know this to prevent another incident.

From: AndyJ
This creeps me out because I was bivy hunting alone in grizzly country this year and had a sow and cub cross in front of me at around 50 yards. I was right out in the open on an old logging road. I slipped back into some brush and they never saw me. Once I got back to the truck I talked to a few locals that made me feel lucky. They said the young males that they usually see that are looking for their own territory might bluff charge, but will usually leave you alone. The sows with cubs however, are a real and serious threat. They told me had the sow seen me, there is a good chance I would have had a problem. I don't know if they were trying to freak me out, but several different guys told me basically the same thing, so I took it as being pretty truthful.

The problem with guns, as I have always understood it, is if you use bear spray, it will in most cases deter the bear but you still MIGHT get attacked. If you shoot a bear you WILL get attacked. You might kill it eventually, but your chances of dropping it before it gets some of you is pretty slim.

From: BigOzzie
I have been pondering the griz man encounter ratio lately. Started with the bicyclist that was killed locally this summer.

The Griz population is recovered and growing,

The human population has grown,

Sports enthusiasts and sports equipment are getting more extreme and people are getting further into the outdoors with more types of equipment.

Occurrences such as this will continue to increase and we need to invest some time in coming up with a solution.

A hunting season, may be one answer. But I feel we also need to be creative and open to other answers to reduce the number of violent interactions. With the current media support for anti-hunting we will lose access and find closures of more federal lands due to increased risk of wildlife interactions.


From: Matte
Maybe this will keep all the dam people out of the good areas for fear of the bear. Getting pretty crowded in Montana in some places.

From: Huntcell
Bear Lifes Matter by excutive order Obummer declares millions of Acres off limits to all humans. There problem solved.

From: Kevin Dill
I don't think a seriously agitated charging intent on getting to you and kicking your going to be reliably diverted by a cloud of stinging gas. I carry it sometimes and have to wonder. My gas strategy would be to wait until the bear is very close and then dump the entire can aiming at the face right up to the moment of impact.

If you send me into an area known to have plenty of bad bears....

And if you offer me a can of spray or a big handgun to carry day and night...

I know which one I'm choosing.

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