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NvaGvUp 04-Oct-16
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NvaGvUp 05-Oct-16
TurboT 05-Oct-16
NvaGvUp 05-Oct-16
oldgoat 05-Oct-16
From: NvaGvUp
Tony Mudd and I had lunch Saturday to discuss and plan for his idea of a weighted backpack trail race at the January Sheep Show.

We discussed the proposed trail course, the weights guys and gals would carry, logistics (there are a lot!), parking, prizes, transportation, race categories such as male, female, age range, etc.

I've talked with both Washoe County and the USFS, as the trail will be mostly on land they own. Both said we would not need a permit, although the Forest Service guy was going to have another guy call me to get more details.

One potential issue is that starting a couple of weeks ago, there is a construction project (a new road and a bridge) that crosses the White's Creek portion of the trail. The trail is closed at that point as of now, but the detour they've set up adds only about 1/10th of a mile.

Now here's an amazingly cool thing and demonstrates why I love living in Reno:

This morning I called the construction company that's building the road and bridge to ask when the trail would open again. The signs say "This Winter" but I was looking for a more exact date. The project manager I talked with said they were shooting for mid-January, but weather conditions could change that.

But get this! Once I told him what we were planning and the date of the race, he said if I'd keep in contact with him, and if the project wasn't completed by race day, THEY'D SHUT DOWN CONSTRUCTION and re-open the trail for the hour or two we'd need the trail!

That's got to be the best 'customer service' I've ever seen or heard of, and I'm not even a customer!

From: Paul@thefort
surprising the FS does not/may not require a special use permit.

From: NvaGvUp

My guess it it's because the trail is on USFS land only a tiny bit, There are a few places where the trail cuts across a small corner of USFS land then goes back on county land within a very short distance..

From: TurboT
Im planning on attending the show for the first time. What day will the race be?

From: NvaGvUp

Thursday, January 19th @ 8:00 AM.

Thanks for coming to The Sheep Show. You'll love it!


From: oldgoat
You might talk to the Train To Hunt guys, they had a competition I think in the Virginia City area, you might could hold it where they did if the other trail and the construction thing don't mesh!

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