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NF Moose Outfitter ID...please help!
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Korey Wolfe 04-Oct-16
Korey Wolfe 04-Oct-16
astrovan2487 04-Oct-16
wild1 05-Oct-16
Korey Wolfe 05-Oct-16
bb 05-Oct-16
Korey Wolfe 14-Oct-16
newfiearcher 15-Oct-16
Sage Buffalo 16-Oct-16
KyleSS 17-Oct-16
Charlie Rehor 17-Oct-16
Bou'bound 17-Oct-16
From: Korey Wolfe

Korey Wolfe's embedded Photo
Korey Wolfe's embedded Photo
For the life of me I can't remember the name of the outfitter that I spoke with three or four years ago about doing a bowhunt for moose in NF. I saved this picture in my future hunts folder, but no other information about him other than he is for sure a NF moose outfitter that specializes in archery. I'm not sure if he takes caribou hunters or not but I would sure like to find out.

Any help would be appreciated.

Korey Wolfe

From: Korey Wolfe
And I'm pretty sure this is a picture of the outfitter himself or at least one of his guides. Or maybe a former guide?

From: astrovan2487
Not too many Newfoundland outfitters specialize in archery. Only two that I know of have bow only camps, Conne River and Ironbound outfitters. I don't think this pic is from either one of those outfitters though. If you can't figure out who the outfitter is you should look into Conne River, I went with them last year and got a nice bull with my bow, was really, really impressed with everything they did.

From: wild1
A couple of well-respected NF moose outfitters:

Bob Efford (Effords Outfitters)

Dean MacDonald (Moose Valley Outfitters)

Are you certain the picture is from NF...? That's one heck of a bull for NF.

Good luck!

From: Korey Wolfe
Surprising big for NF, but yes I'm sure. The rest of his pictures of Bulls are more Newfie like than this one.

Thanks for the help and suggestions so far. I'd really like to contact this guy also.

From: bb
Not surprising at all. Newfoundland has far better bulls than it's given credit for. Primarily because people don't know any better. Not a lot of people kill them but they are there.

From: Korey Wolfe
Anybody recognize the guy?

From: newfiearcher
I hunt NFL every year but don't recognize this fellow. Like astrovan2487 says, not many outfitters specialize in archery. Conne River Outfitting has an archery only camp. As for other outfitters that have a good reputation, wild1 has named two.

From: Sage Buffalo
Ironbound has been taking some incredible bulls this year - several over 55". Their new spike camps have been the ticket. Need to get back.

From: KyleSS
So I right clicked on the picture and used the "search google for this image" option and here is the website that came up as hosting this picture

Hope this helps you out

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From: Bou'bound
The hunter on the bowsite looking for the NF moose outfitter ID is looking for Shane Mollon at

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