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Hurricane in Florida affect spring turke
Contributors to this thread:
Bowhunt56 10-Oct-16
Waterdawg 10-Oct-16
Bou'bound 10-Oct-16
Dollar 10-Oct-16
writer 18-Oct-16
Huntcell 19-Oct-16
From: Bowhunt56
I was getting ready to book a hunt in Florida for a spring hunt didn't know if hurricane would have affected on them.

From: Waterdawg
Minimal to zero impact on the turkeys. My house is 1 mile from the coast. We had no damage from winds that only reached about 65-75.

From: Bou'bound
I hear they all were blown over to Alabama and the hunting there is really tough

From: Dollar
These osceola turkeys could care less about any amount of rain we got.The wind probably ruined a night of sleep.But they are a vary hearty bird and have adapted well to Florida.The amount of weather we got from the storm down here wasn't really anything more than what we get all summer.I have been on the ranch since Friday and have seen plenty of turkeys,deer and hogs all doing their same old routine.Had a flock of hens roosted close by this morning and they were tree yelping then flew down and got on with life. Don't let this storm deter your plans.Just plan now don't wait till late this year or worse Jan. or Feb.. Good Luck

From: writer
Yup. impossible to kill once they cross the "bama line, all except for one magical turkey hunter.

From: Huntcell
I am sura he resist that insineration.

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