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Website hacked by anit's
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Firehuntfish 10-Oct-16
Fuzzy 12-Oct-16
Arrowflinger 13-Oct-16
willliamtell 13-Oct-16
loprofile 13-Oct-16
Firehuntfish 13-Oct-16
swatmedic 26-Oct-16
razorsharp 26-Oct-16
kellyharris 26-Oct-16
From: Firehuntfish
I just wanted to offer our apologies to anyone who has tried to visit our website in the last 48 hours and has been denied access. We have recently been inundated with hate emails, death threats, and false negative reviews on all of our media sites including social media and the many hunting forums that we are proud to sponsor.

I am personally no big fan of social media, however, it has unfortunately become a necessary evil in the safari outfitting business for both brand recognition and maintaining guest relations. We are a big target for the anti-hunting radicals due to our prominent profile of content on these various sites.

We are currently working on the launch of a new, revised website, and we will be back better than ever very shortly. Please feel free to contact us anytime with inquiries. The hackers cannot compromise our dedication to excellent communication. Thanks for your patience and the overwhelming support we have received from our friends and clients.

From: Fuzzy
thanks, love your site, burn them antis!

From: Arrowflinger
I really wish the Antis would get a life and start defending and putting there money towards something more useful. Nothing but radicals. It is sad that our Judges and Legislatures listen to them. Biggest reason is they have a lot of money. Good luck with your new web site.

From: willliamtell
what do they say - if you don't have a stalker you're not a celebrity, if you don't have knockoff copies you don't have a good product, and now if you don't have hackers you're site isn't noteworthy. Congratulations (I guess) for making the cut.

From: loprofile
Could be the Russians?

From: Firehuntfish
LOL... Although you can never rule out the Russians, I would hope they are too busy hacking Dem's emails and don't have time for hunting outfitters.

We are back up and our site is about 95% complete. Please check out the updates and many new trophy photos. Contact us anytime if we can offer any information or assistance in planning your dream safari.

From: swatmedic
New site looks great! Glad to see you are back up and running.

From: razorsharp
New site is awesome. Can't wait to get there and see it in person August 2017!

From: kellyharris
Glad your back up and running

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