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Scents or other attractants??
Mule Deer
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SBH 10-Oct-16
Jaquomo 11-Oct-16
SBH 15-Oct-16
HUNT MAN 15-Oct-16
SBH 15-Oct-16
bowcrazyJRHCO 18-Oct-16
From: SBH
I drew a mule deer tag this year and am used to hunting Whitetails. I will be hunting ag fields and entries back into the forest. With whitetail I usually have scent wicks, rub lines, other attractants. I have no experience with mule deer during the rut. Do those work with muleys too? How about decoys and calling? Anyone have luck with those during the rut? Thanks in advance for any advice on what has worked in the past.

From: Jaquomo
Great luck with decoys, rattling and calling. Response to scents is mixed so I don't use them anymore except to put down a little scent wick to stop one in a shooting lane with the right setup. I've hung wicks off the back of decoys using synthetic and real muley scent, sometimes they sniff it, sometimes they don't like it.

If you search for my live prairie muley hunts on this forum you'll get a sense of what works for me and what doesn't. But decoys and calling are definitely proven tools.

From: SBH
Got it. Thanks Jaq. I've seen those threads but I think I'll go back and check em out again. I'll keep you posted. I'm gonna get one.

Good luck Matt. I had good luck with a can call and a heads up decoy. I can send it over to you of you want. I don't need it This year. Good luck . Hunt

From: SBH
Hunt- Your gonna be responsible for the death of my bear and mule deer this year. I'll text ya Monday. Hope your out getting Roger an elk right now. Thanks man.


This link is very helpful, the bowsite crew gave great advice.

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