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WSF Board Intern Gets Published!
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From: NvaGvUp
She's at it again!

Sierra Amundson, WSFs board intern, has been published in a respected scientific journal!

That 's a great accomplishment for anyone, but Sierra's just a sophomore in college at the U of Wyoming. For a 19 year-old college sophomore to get published is unheard off! Congratulations, Sierra!

BTW, this is same incredible young lady who arrowed the great Bull Moose on the thread I started a couple of weeks ago.

She is going to have a wonderful career!

Good luck, Robb

From: bliz6
Can someone pass on information on the journal? Would love to read it.

From: Mark Watkins
Congrats Sierra! Quite the accomplishment!

A couple buddies and I stopped in to the new digs in Bozeman in September......impressive and fitting facilities to say the least!

But it was loud and clear as Gray gave us the tour that he was very proud of the accomplishments AND the intellect of the WSF interns! Once again, building for the future!


From: NvaGvUp

Try this:

From: bliz6
Thanks Kyle. Very interesting read.

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