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If Only it was this easy
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From: APauls

APauls's Link
Not sure if this has been shared before or not. That would be a rush for sure...not sure if recommended lol

From: Bou'bound
just because one can does not mean one should

From: Bear Track
A good example of stupid, right there!

From: Kevin Dill
Darwinian behavior at its finest.

From: Rut Nut
That right there is a special kind of STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

From: JW
I wanna see him try that on a brown bear!

From: carcus
awesome, he totally won that battle

From: midwest
Is that Kevin Dill? ;-)

Nice bull. Every time you do something like that, you're rolling the dice. Eventually, your number is going to get picked.

From: smarba
He was wearing "hunter orange" so it was safe...

T'es rien qu'un petit connard, Jason.

From: Kdog
Might be one of the dumber things I have seen.

From: Elkaddict
I thought it was fun to watch. Had to be a thrill. Butthole puckered tighter than a Cheerio the whole time I bet!

From: Glunt@work
No harm done. Yes, their was a decent chance of getting plowed over and spending a few months in a body cast being fed through a straw, but I'm sure we all have at least a couple good "watch this" stories. Anyone who doesn't may be smarter, but won't be cast in any Dos Equis commercials and won't be the main character in the great campfire story 30 years from now.

From: drycreek
That guy is a good candidate for redneck status !

" Boys, hold my beer and watch this "

From: Ki-ke
That was great! I did that once with a mature bull caribou in Alaska, many years ago......these kinda things can go the other way quickly.....

From: tradmt
I like watching people do stupid shit I won't! Good stuff.

He's an idiot.

From: mallardsx2
That man is a boss...I have watched that video many

You shoot a crow with your bow and now you want to start wrestling moose. :) He kept that tree between him and the moose, what could go wrong?

From: Ambush
C'mon guys. He OWNED that bull!!!

From: Shiras42
I agree on liking to watch people do dumb stuff that I would never do...

From: wilbur
Darwin Award candidate for sure. What was the point?

From: t-roy
So APauls........have you decided if you're gonna be running the camera when you try that this fall, or your brother?!!!

From: M.Pauls
Ha t-Roy! I'll be the one flinging arrows if Adam hasn't already killed him

From: Redheadtwo
I wanted to see that bull tear him a couple of new ones.

From: Chris S
See what happens when you wear a HECS suit!!

From: APauls
Ha t-roy with a couple of moose virgins running around the north if we bumble into a moose there's gonna be two empty quivers and a 1500lb angry porcupine running around

From: Kevin Dill
"For my next act...ladies and gentlemen...I will dive 25 feet from my treestand into a wet scrape!"

Drum roll.......

From: Scar Finga
Since when is it cool to harass wildlife like that? What an A$$ HAT!

From: venison
Pure stupid !

From: glunker
A lady in Yukon used to do that with cardboard horns until a bull killed her. That has to question judgement.

I used to walk my dog in a wooded swamp area near Anchorage International Airport. The moose come into the area when the snow starts to fly. My dog was so preoccupied trying to find the perfect stick to bring back to me in hopes I would throw it that she never did see the mama moose and her 6' tall baby. The moose was agitated with its hair up and ears down meaning a charge was coming.

I started calling my dog who was only 15 yards away but closer to the moose right as the moose started to charge the dog. So my dog comes running back toward me, I'm running from the dog and the moose is bringing up the rear.

We went around a large spruce tree 2 or 3 times before the moose stopped. The whole time my dog thought it was a game.

I don't think that little tree would slow that bull down much if he wanted to fight.

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