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Rattling for mulies
Mule Deer
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Azslocker 26-Oct-16
ghost stalker 26-Oct-16
Jaquomo 26-Oct-16
From: Azslocker
Just curious how many of you mule deer hunters rattle for them in the rut? How successful have you been? I called one in last year after rattling for 20 minutes. He came in with his head down to the ground and neck all puffed up. This was after 2 days of nothing coming in to the rattling.

Works for blacktails. We rattle multiple bucks in every season

From: Jaquomo
Yes, absolutely. Works best before they lock into the does, so between Nov 1 and 16th. Sometimes they run in, sometimes they wander over and take a half hour to get there and sneak in. I've rattled in three at a time before, mature bucks.

I like a set of 140" natural antlers, holding them loosely starting out with aggressive rattrling and grunting for a minute.

If the search function still works ( I can't see it) you can look through my live muley prairie rut hunts on this forum in past years for some specific tactics and see photos of bucks I've rattled in. One morning I rattled in 17 does and three bucks at the same time, and the does ran in. Photos of them sitting on top of me.

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