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Semi-live Mule Deer Hunt Jaquomo?
Mule Deer
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MountainMitch 08-Nov-16
Jaquomo 08-Nov-16
Scoot 08-Nov-16
MountainMitch 08-Nov-16
BULELK1 09-Nov-16
loprofile 09-Nov-16
Fields 09-Nov-16
cnelk 09-Nov-16
Jaquomo 10-Nov-16
greg simon 10-Nov-16
TD 10-Nov-16
This year....please?

From: Jaquomo
Hi Mitch:

Flattered that you'd ask, but I'm working on several articles and a speech while in deer camp and just don't have the bandwidth to do it this year.

Plus, since I've single-handedly "ruined" plains deer hunting with my previous live hunts (according to some Bowsiters) I figured if I don't do it maybe everybody will forget about it, not watch any TV shows or read magazine articles or look at outfitter websites and mailers about it, and open country hunting will return to the "good old days" before outfitters started leasing up every place a deer ever walked.


From: Scoot
Jaq, too bad you're not doing one this year. Those threads are fun! As for the crotchety ol' crab asses who made the comments you're referring to-- screw 'em!!!

Good luck on your hunt and feel free to PM me with an occasional update. I promise I won't tell you you're ruining anything buy my concentration level at work.

Too bad. I really enjoy reading those. Ditto on the crotchety ol' crab asses!!


You enjoy and be safe man.

Good luck, Robb

From: loprofile
Make open country hunting great again!

From: Fields
WTF... guess youre not the big tough mountain man I pictured in my mind... bring back TBM, he's not afraid....... good luck!!!

From: cnelk
Best of Luck Lou

I'll look forward to the hunt recap over beers real soon!

From: Jaquomo
Fields, not ascared, just too busy with article assignments this year. It takes a lot of time to do a high quality live bowhunt with the photo editing, etc.. mid-day and evening. Much more so than iPhone photos of boots in a treestand and squirrels. Probably do one next year if I have the bandwidth.

My comment about the haters was a tongue-in-cheek jab at them.

I do really appreciate the interest, through. Thanks, guys!

From: greg simon
What! I thought the definition of a live hunt was iphone photos of boots in a treestand and squirrels!

Good Hunting all

From: TD
This might have been the year for it..... my understanding the brass monkeys are all safe so far. =D

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