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gunslinger 10-Nov-16
Ibow 11-Nov-16
From: gunslinger

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Well a ton has happened since we last sponsored the site 2 years ago in our bear outfits, we have taken many many bowsite hunters and as a lot of uou remember we had the. Bowsite week in our camps.

Well we had a guy buy our fly in camp and after taking 14 hunters and killing 14 book bears his life took a bad turn and we didn't see him for a year and half then revoked on his payments, so we ended up with it. Back.

We have now sold our big riverboat camp and just a short 4 months later (the beast) fort Mcmurray fire. Burnt it to the ground, ,boats and cabins and everything.

So in a nut shell we will be outfitting our fly in camp in 2018 after it hasn't. Been hunted in years,

From: Ibow
Hey Pat... glad to see you're back and if you've got an internet connection up there at your fly-in camp, looking forward to your spring thread, even if we have to wait til 2018!

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