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From: kidwalker
This next November I'm going to devote 3 weeks to scouting and perusing Blacktail deer in either Oregon or Northern CA. I have never hunted this species; and would like to hear from any experienced Blacktail hunters any tips that could help cut the learning curve a bit. Any who've hunted both CA ∨ which do you prefer and why ? What would be your preferred/most efficient tactics ? I planed the last 3 weeks of November, but am open to modify to be there at the most opportune time. Feel free to PM if you wish. Thank you

From: Db1
The only way you can hunt Ca in November is with a plm landowner tag. Oregon has better hunt dates for rut action.

Oregon is much more accessible. Some good hunting but will take you some time to figure it out. 3 weeks should be plenty. If you get to the Douglas county area let me know and I'll help you out.

From: Steve H.
OC: I heard and read about the EHD deer deaths including CBTs in that area from a couple years ago. The press releases made it sound like it was fairly limited geographically. What is your on the ground observation? I have hunted in that area 3 times and have been mulling over when I might return for try #4.

From: kidwalker
Steve you mention you hunted (that area). Are you refereeing to Douglas County Oregon ? I was not aware of EHD in Blacktail deer. What year did it hit and how extensive are the damages ? I'd love to hear the details of you previous 3 hunts ; and any pix of the hunt you'd like to share. Thank you so far guys.

From: willliamtell
Usually you bowhunt CA a little earlier in the year - before the rifle guys get going. Find out the general rut times for areas you are considering - always a benefit. Cams can be used during the season, which might help with patterning, or knowing what to hold out for. In my experience, anything past the ears with decent tine length and more than two points/side (not including eyeguards) is a pretty decent trophy.

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