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Black bear hunt input
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bearhunt 20-Nov-16
Bou'bound 20-Nov-16
kellyharris 20-Nov-16
Skippy 20-Nov-16
milnrick 20-Nov-16
carcus 20-Nov-16
Reflex 20-Nov-16
Bear Track 20-Nov-16
TSI 20-Nov-16
Ibow 20-Nov-16
Owl 20-Nov-16
From: bearhunt
I am looking for a good black bear / fishing outfitter in Canada. Both bow and rifle hunters. I would appreciate any suggestions.

From: Bou'bound
Dave cole at trophy safaris international in New Brunswick.

From: kellyharris
Bear Track here as a sponsor on bowsite

From: Skippy

Skippy's embedded Photo
Skippy's embedded Photo
Bear track would be a good choice, before or after your hunt you can catch catfish on the north red river like this.

From: milnrick
I'd look into booking with Dave Cole, Trophy Safaris International. Millie and I have hunted with him 2x and will be there again in 18.

From: carcus
Manitoba and use bows!

From: Reflex
I would highly recommend Bear Track Outfitters north of Winnipeg, Manitoba. I've been there twice and have enjoyed every minute of it. Ron and Jeannine Dare are fantastic hosts that provide great accommodations and real opportunities for trophy bears. They will accommodate both rifle and bow hunters. Check out their reviews here on bowsite; nothing but positive feedback! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

From: Bear Track

Bear Track's Link
The fishing is not that great at our camp until early June, but I now have an agreement with 2 fishing guides that are experts in catfish 1/2 and full day tours available.

From: TSI
Manitoba would probably be a closer trip from Colorado,we only have a few June hunts left but I will be posting some tremendous deals for May and Fall 2017 Soon.Deals on 2017 Fall will be the best available guaranteed!

From: Ibow
Desjardins Outfitting in Manitoba - also Bowsite sponsor.

From: Owl
Rob Nye Wilderness Adventures. Kill one from the ground with a bow.

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