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Wyoming preference points, time to redee
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tradhop 21-Nov-16
TreeWalker 22-Nov-16
BULELK1 22-Nov-16
From: tradhop
Looking for a little help choosing a hunt unit for Wyoming moose. I have 17 pts now and most likely can get drawn in multiple units. I plan on a DIY hunt so wouldn't want to be hunting 5 miles from the truck as game retrieval will be a consideration. So roads in the area of the moose would be welcomed. I really want to hunt where there is a fair # of animals, antler size is not the most important factor but I don't want to shoot a dink either. I have killed a 115" Shiras 20 years ago, 38" wide. Any initial thoughts?

From: TreeWalker
Non-resident since have points, correct? That brings in the wilderness issue since want to do this without a guide. Have you considered 26 or 24 or 23? I would pick one of those if wanted to have a lot of land to hunt without a guide or paying for access to private. Plan on 1 - 2 weeks of hunting, though.

Hauling 700 pounds of meat, cape and antlers out 5 miles one way is a major task on flat terrain much less if is challenging terrain. I packed out a moose three weeks ago and was a mere 250 yards from nearest road where could place the truck. I still have sore ribs. Legs cramped multiple times over the next week.

I can give you some intel on 23 and 26.

Good luck, Robb

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