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Alberta Tom bow hunt
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From: HotSizzle

HotSizzle's embedded Photo
HotSizzle's embedded Photo

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Cat season coming up I must be getting excited, rewatched this hunt from a few seasons back, Great bow shot on the second tom I was amazed how fast he piled up..hopefully link works alright

From: Chief 419
The link works fine. Looks like a fun hunt.

From: midwest
Great pic! I love hounds!

From: HotSizzle
Those were some cold days, I was nervous turning the dogs loose on the day of the pic of the dog in the tree, it was -40 but I knew the cat wasnt far away..ended up having it up a tree in less then 5 minutes, those short chases don't come around very often and I dont complain when they do.

From: Destroyer350
Looks cold but fun! Awesome video!

From: Owl
Bergmann's Rule is still in effect I see!

"Amarillo By Morning" - great sound track choice. If I lived near a huntable population of lions, I'd have no job, no wife, etc. :)

From: HotSizzle
It definitely causes a point of conflict with Mrs... but I try and keep it within reason, had two clients this year that we're suppose to be Bow Kills, first guy arrow hit too far back no vitals but must have just barely missed them... cat jumped and just kept on going ended up catching again, had dogs up in the tree all over him trying to pull him out and about to succeed.. client made quick and wise choice of finishing him off with a bullet or 3....The other bow hunter we caught the Tom in some nasty steep, cliffed filled area and cat kept jumping as we would approach the tree... finally on 4th tree he stayed put, I hurry leash up the dogs and get the camera rolling, first arrow sails off into wild blue yonder, cat has no reaction....Second arrow hits tree close to cat, now cat is getting nervous going to make another run for it, Hunter pulls back and looks down at sight and notices something is wrong, Sight was just hanging there wiggling around!!...So out came the gun and cat was shot...Heart breaker for sure, both toms should go boone and crocket but would have loved to be P&Y

Cool video. Those are some of the fattest working hounds I have ever seen. Those 1/2 mile tracks will take 5 minutes if they are in shape.

From: Duke
Those are some beautiful cats! Nice footage.

From: HotSizzle
Ha ha their not fat there just big boned! dogs definitely put on some pading over the summer months even with roading them especially a couple of my bigger majestics, but they are also my dogs that handle the deep cold the best... video was first week of the season before they had time to burn it off by the end of season they are all pretty lean.

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