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bowhunter96 25-Nov-16
badbull 25-Nov-16
From: bowhunter96
I am new to the forum and have been writing a paper on Utah’s deer management plan. The current plan right now has had a tremendous effect on deer so far and has increased the population by nearly 100,000 since it was put into play. For more information you can go to and see more of what it all entails. I want your opinions on the current plan and also if you would add a point system where an animal has to have a certain number of points on one side to be legal to shoot, but then also doing management hunts for regular units like they do for the premium where it would be legal to shoot something with less than those certain number of points if there was a point system in place. Also I would like your opinions on if they should add more seasons or wait till the population is completely stable around 400,000 and give it a couple more years before adding more seasons. Any feedback or opinions on management plans would be much appreciated. I also have wondered about other states and if their plans and if they seem to work very well or if they should be changed as well.

From: badbull
Keep building herds, no new additional seasons unless more premium units, point restrictions only seem to work to try to increase buck numbers(imo). Limited entry seems to work in other states but point creep is a problem..............badbull

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