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January turkey hunting
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Mad_Angler 29-Nov-16
Rut Nut 29-Nov-16
Medicinemann 29-Nov-16
trkyslr 30-Nov-16
From: Mad_Angler
writer has talked a few times about birds in Kansas strutting and gobbling in January. More importantly, he has said that they decoy very well to a jake decoy just like in the spring...

So, is there anything else to know? Do I treat it just like spring hunting but go in January? The "fall" season in Kansas goes until Jan 31.

From: Rut Nut
WOW! I didn't know you could hunt them ANYWHERE in Jan! Here in PA you can only hunt them in Nov.

From: Medicinemann
I thought this was going to be about hunting oscellated turkeys in southern Mexico!!!

From: trkyslr
Mad, I've spoke to Michael about this and it seams it's the very same as our season going on now into December. You need to be setup in an area the birds will be either off the roost,travel path, or incoming to the roost in afternoon if you're states laws allow hunting until dark. This is not the same from my experience as the spring as throwing a call out and getting a gobble response then having a bird cone in from half a mile... this is more being in a spot where turkeys are close by or in view then start calling to get their attention.. once the birds see the deek spread they get excited and begin showing their dominance which includes strutting and gobbling.. the birds may then come right in and beat up the Jake decoy as he's the new kid on the block who is not showing them respect.. if that makes sense... a buddy and very good turkey hunter has called in multiple groups of long beards this fall which came into a half strut deek.. but it began with being close to the birds and getting their attention with calls and deeks.

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