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Help needed Colorado Predator Management
Mule Deer
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SteveB 07-Dec-16
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From: SteveB
To help improve mule deer numbers, Colorado CPW has proposed two predator management studies that will monitor mule deer populations when predator numbers are manipulated both up and down. (way too many mountain lions at present). This seems like a no-brainer but the problem is all the anti-hunting groups are against the studies and they are responding in big numbers while sportsmen are not. We need everyone that cares about bringing mule deer numbers back to where they should be, to drop a one or two line email expressing your support of the proposed predator management studies to: The deadline to do this is December 10. Your email could be as simple as: I am writing to express my support for the proposed predator management studies because I believe in science-based wildlife management.

Thanks everyone!

From: Mark Watkins
Good idea....we need and must speak up and through one synchronized megaphone!


From: sticksender
From: MathewsMan
I get the idea, but we have so many lions and bears in the Piceance Basin and around here (Meeker), that eradicating them out of the basin is not likely no matter how many tags and removing quotas on them is done. Should make for some great lion and bear hunting next fall.

They plan to eradicate them from a specific study area with trapping, etc not your usual ineffective sport hunting.

Hopefully it works. And email sent

I sent this.....


I support upping the harvesting of mountain lions. It is clear to me as a 40 year resident of Colorado they are deeply involved the plunging Mule Deer populations. I have seen the evidence.

It is simple math. I knew a govt trapper in Wyoming who said they think there are about 2,000 lions in Wyoming. If each Lion takes just one deer a week, that is over 100,000, a staggering number. That same formula applies to Colorado of course.

But it worse than that. The stress put on Deer in their most vulnerable winter range time from lions can put them over if they are already struggling to make it, even with out lions claws and teeth. Additionally, the Lions like to target lone bucks as there are less eyes, ears and noses to fool and those bigger bucks, a big draw for out of state and in state hunting interest is taking a big hit. I am active on many blog sites and peoples dream hunts to Colorado are ending in busts and they are spreading the word.

I urge you to act before it is too late.


Ted Schnack

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