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lulublanc 08-Dec-16
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B N A A guy 09-Dec-16
From: lulublanc
Hi everyone!

I was planning to go with a friend in 2017 for a goat hunt, probably in September or October. We are Spanish bowhunters, and quite young. We wouldnt like to spend large amounts, but at the same time we are looking for a nice place with healthy goat population and the wildest landscapes and conditions. Not looking for comfort. As this trip of a lifetime may require a great investment for us, we need to be sure that we have big adventure, we hope that nothing goes wrong because our chances of being able to pay another trip like this are very reduced.

So I was wondering if any of you guys could kindly help me to find an oufitter affordable but great person and with a nice hunting area. We dont really mind if it is AK, or Kodiak Island or Canada..

Thanks in advance! Trully appreciate your help!

Kink regards,

Luis Blanc (

From: Bowboy

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Bowboy's embedded Photo

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I would highly recommend Bolen & Lewis, Bear Track, or Lonesome Dove Outffiters all great choices.

Here's the goat I took with Bolen & Lewis.

From: brettpsu

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I loved my two hunts with Babine Guide Outfitters. Like bowboy said Bolen & Lewis and Lonesome Dove have great reviews on Bowsite as well.

I would wonder if the outfitters mentioned have any openings for 2017.

From: B N A A guy

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Alaska Billy
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Alaska Billy

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Hello Luis, I am a Bowsite sponsor and we offer trophy Mt. Goat bowhunts in Alaska and BC. If you are up for adventure then we have you covered. Plenty of opportunity for stalks in either place. Hunt costs will range from $9,000 - $12,500 depending on location and timing. You will also have your license, travel and possible charter flight costs also. These will be backpack hunts and are very mentally and physically demanding. If you are interested please contact me as there are very limited spots left for 2017. I know we can provide you a great experience! Above is a pic of a billy from Alaska with our outfitter.

Best regards, Scott Alberda

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