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Garrett Bros Sells Fly In Camp
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gunslinger 11-Dec-16
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From: gunslinger

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Hello Guys us here at Garrett bros are extremely happy to announce that a fellow friend of ours has purchased our fly in camp and will be opening up the camp after a 4 year wait.

As most of you know we have sold this camp TWICE now to other guys and Both didn't work out and just gave it back to us, So our friend Wes Schuett of alberta prairie outfitters has purchased the camp and WE will be opening it up this spring again.

Guys I am directly working with both of our purchasers for the river boat camp and the fly in camp to ensure there camps are booked up. Us Brothers and Dad will be up in camp for the first year opening up baits and guiding.

If anyone has a itch to go on a hell of a Airplane ride into the camp and hunt for Giant Bears that haven't been hunted for 4 years call me. There is 5 spots sold already for the fly in camp and it will sell out fast, Wes is only going to take 12 guys this first year so cut his teeth on. 4500$ all inclusive for this adventure included is the plane flight

From: woodguy65

Congrats Pat and Wes, I expect that this will work out just fine for you and the hunters. Wes is a serious hunter and more than happy to carry on a conversation, just don't say the trigger word, "Pronghorn".... lol.

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